You Can’t Argue With This Chart

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  1. cunnidvd Says:

    All time high in IBM today. Does that make any sense at all?

  2. imigrantpunk Says:

    some of the best analysis I’ve seen.. thanks!

  3. NoxiousRob Says:

    Just want to say major kudos to Christian for the fantastic service he provides for free, hugely informative articles and daily updates. You don’t have to do this Christian, but the fact that you do with such dedication professionalism is massively appreciated.

  4. w0tm Says:

    There are great books on 29 crash. Some became bearish as early as 25. Back then you could leverage as low as 5%. Those too early wiped out by 27.They could only watch Oct 29 crash! Some turned bear late 28 and BARELY survived then won.Some poor souls gave up as bears Aug 29 going heavy bull just in time to be wiped out.Minority turned bear Aug. 29 got RICH!.There were analysts like Christian who were still saying “be short!!” September 29. Battle scars but followers got RICH! I will be RICH!

  5. KamikazeOverture Says:

    Very insightful. Thank you Christian.

  6. myluck100 Says:

    In market most expected things always happen in most unexpected way. I have sold all my qqqq calls and buy puts today in middle of day. I think anybody who buys now are going to end up holding the bag. I expect ugly days for rest of the month.

  7. ibislee Says:

    Plunger Team high frequency bankster rigged market again! Vote them all out. Vote R • A • N • D • P • A • U • L

  8. lizadfuel Says:

    When everyone sees only one direction (UP) that is the time to short the markets! A basic law of nature is (what goes up must come down)

  9. TheExAquarist Says:

    I wonder if this situation reminds of the crash of 1987. So many people knew that the market was in a bubble, but only a few picked the right time to short. Many lost all they had on to early short options.

  10. laplante31 Says:

    the market will pop, to much dept. this all happened last time, gov jams some inflation in the market right before the banks start to realize dept and deflationary possessions in the economy. last time the major indicator was the price of gas shot up then well we all know what happened after that. im not sure whats going to bubble the most this time but watch and the larger the bubbles get the shorter amount of time tell a crash.

  11. k1000o73 Says:

    Hi, I agree with your analysis the market will rollover, but the timming it’s important, maybe they will maintain it up until the US november elections. What do you think?

  12. Stoneyridger Says:

    Christian – thanks for all the time and effort you put into analyzing the markets. Much appreciated. I think that although the charts may point to bearish, we can’t forget some other market sentiments…if the Republicans win big in November, a split Congress/White House has always been good years for the market. Also, for the short term, with the Fed raising inflation and liquidating the financials, we are quite possibly in for a good run. However, I agree that the market fundamentals are poor.

  13. yuyuanbing888 Says:

    Check out the monthly chart for the US dollar ETF UUP . It is about to hit a support level @ 22. Whenever it bounces from this level, SPY starts to top out.

  14. MrMatdech Says:

    christian….is that a megaphone I see in the last few days? could a decline be due soon?

  15. SGDeGalvez Says:

    Chris, do you think they can inflate these indiceis higher? this is complete BS!

  16. thatw2 Says:

    What is going on? The economic news comes in bad and the market goes up??? QE did not work last time, why would it work this time? Seems like the market should be selling off, but it’s going up!

  17. nmreich Says:

    Could you do the same chart for the HUI? I remember during the flash crash my gold stocks soared, and so did gold. Given that gold/silver have been on a big upswing the past month and a half, what would you advise people too sell into? Gold stocks? US Dollar? What? THAT is the trillion dollar question!

  18. limitedplay Says:

    @bohemianh isnt that the reason its going up?
    Pretty much nobody has anything which is what makes it so easy to manipulate.

  19. drhvac100 Says:

    wait for nov 10 to nov 11 oooooooooooooohh myyyyyyy goin down

  20. physics2112 Says:

    I appreciate the clarity of your analysis and the depth of insight you contribute to understanding the market each day.

    Can you touch on what’s been happening with the financials the last month? Why aren’t XLF and BKX rallying with the rest of the market? It’s rather perturbing. They participated in the April Top rally, so why are sitting this rally out?

  21. bohemianh Says:

    bought shorts as it hit 11k, unemployment rate rising, number of food stamps hit new record, 1 in 7 americans are now living on less than $11,000 a year. I don’t know who is buying, thanks to however bought my MO today, and F, thanks good luck!

  22. colty77 Says:

    Very good presentation and arguments for the bear/crash case. Thanks for taking the time.

  23. bmerritt100 Says:

    Thanks Christian.

  24. BestTrades Says:

    Also Gold and Silver had a big reversal day after POMO supposedly finished. First big crack.

  25. Qelocity Says:


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