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I got bored, and decided to make a quick video about one of the most ridiculous, and over the top lines in the movie Judge Dredd.

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  1. SexyRolex Says:

    i never betrayed the law i m the law

  2. LilSayo Says:


  3. xxxmaxoutxxx Says:

    LOL 0:37

  4. ekmad Says:

    I AM…. THE LAW

  5. elementhos Says:

    You should have put “what makes you think you can control THE LAW”. really funny though

  6. 112leo Says:

    @g6o8 43 people have betrayed the LAW!!!

  7. Armydog404 Says:

    42 people betrayed the law!!!!!!!

  8. Sindenis Says:

    “You know I never understood that”


  9. TheDiamond123123 Says:


    the whole movie is one huge, gigantic, MONSterous low standard… the whole movie is for the lawls ;O

  10. 112leo Says:

    @desimunda116 i spent the next full hour playing css online and dying every single round cause i was constantly laughing cause of the second 34

  11. awayger Says:

    40 people betrayed the LAWWWWW !!!

  12. atomichead777 Says:

    judge dredd
    although, its not necessarily a good movie, but still fun nonetheless

  13. 112leo Says:

    @g6o8 LAAAAAAAAAW!!!

  14. EDDIEinWAR Says:

    Rorschach spotted at 1:33
    and why is Stallone staring at the stars before he says your be betrayed the law!!
    he has that thing with his mouth like milo ventimiglia funny how both were on the same movie on rocky balboa and they have the same thing.

  15. EDDIEinWAR Says:

    @g6o8 dont worry,they’ve been backtraced to the cyberpolice.

  16. desimunda116 Says:

    0:34 almost made me piss myself

  17. taranchula97 Says:

    In Soviet Russia, the law betrays you.

  18. 112leo Says:

    whats this movie?

  19. Jericho1138 Says:

    Wait, what didn’t he understand?

  20. Bidmartinlo Says:

    I fought the LAAAAAAAAW, and the LAAAAAAAAAAAAWW won.

  21. Ichigo88atBleachFan Says:

    @g6o8 39

  22. kyl4edfkmsdk Says:

    whys he say LAWWLLLL!!!!

  23. RiseOfTheNerd Says:


  24. wolfbite6 Says:


  25. rvbrules Says:

    best one

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