Working From Home is Just That “Work, a Plan And Dedication”

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Everyday I open emails from people trying to sell me the next best opportunity. The sad part is that they all have the same email heading, generic Opt in page and the websites all look alike. The only difference is the name from the sender on each email is from a different person. Come on Get real. What are you thinking? Just because you fell for this hype do you really think that everyone else will follow you when you say “Sign up today and this will make you rich!” So how is that working for you. You have probably spent a lot of time and money to promote your new business venture and haven’t made a dime. That’s because you want it easy and this internet business thing is not easy. A lot of people get into this industry, or this “game” as some call it and they realize all the work that needs to be done to be successful is more work than they are willing to perform. They purchase a product,start a free blog, do some advertising and if they haven’t made any money in a couple of weeks they start dropping like flies or go find the next “Big Thing.” Internet marketing/Affiliate marketing/Home based business opportunities, is akin to rolling a boulder up a steep hill. Step by step, push by push, you roll that boulder up the hill. There is a learning curve to a successful business. But what happens if you stop going up that hill? Maybe you didn’t see any progress, maybe you haven’t made back the investment you were promised you would recoup in no time.

The moment you start slacking, your progress turns into regress. Your production will turn into reduction. Your advance will turn into retreat…and you’ll find yourself, in most cases, worse off than you were before you even started. So, being able to achieve that “lazy mans” lifestyle where you can sit on the beaches of Hawaii, sipping a pina colada, and still have your bank accounts filling up with cash is going to require WORK. To have a successful internet business you must have a system, a plan. You must follow and learn from that person who has already “been there, done that and this works.” If you are serious about building your business working from home, find a mentor and learn from him. That’s what I did and I am on the right path to fulfilling my dreams. To conclude, I want to encourage you to start your own business. It is the way to make your dreams come true. Please do not fall for the scam that you’ll wake up with thousands of dollars in your Pay Pal account after just one night. It takes work, dedication, and a plan to make money. To be honest, I was able to gain bits and pieces of knowledge from each product or service I purchased. The Problem was, these products or services give you most of the puzzle but left out that important corner piece that made it complete. Without it you cannot accomplish your goals.

This leaves you feeling frustrated, broke, and eventually you will abandon your dream.. When you work for yourself, you’re working towards YOUR dream and not being a servant to a boss. I opened my one and only offline business at the age of 20 and ran it successfully for 40 years. I am now a grandmother to 7 and I love to help others when ever I can. Thank you for reading my article. I know our people and country are struggling and if this can help your situation I will be blessed. I invite you to watch these FREE videos for more information. Please click on

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