Win a FREE TRIP to Evolution 5 and New York City!!!

Pin It What’s up! Bboyworld / Street Scientists / are sponsoring a fun online contest to win a FREE trip* to New York City’s Evolution 5 event from October 15, 16, 17. *due to costs, North America entries only, sorry 2 WINNERS* WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!! –free airfare to New York City –free entrance into Evolution 5 –guest host for a segment at Evolution 5 –housing provided by –cupcake from Magnolia’s Bakery *one ticket for each winning video WHAT DO I DO? The contest is to be a guest host for at Evolution 5. To enter, you must submit a 30 second to 1 minute video of yourself doing…practically anything. However, your video must contain these three words (or themes): –BBOYWORLD –SCIENTIST –CUPCAKE examples are shown in the video above, courtesy of bgirl Maresco Mmm….cupcakeee…. We will pick the two most creative video winners! CONTEST RUNS FROM NOW – SEPTEMBER 20 multiple entries are welcomed HOW TO SUBMIT VIDEOS: –post a video response on Youtube to the video above –post a video response on our Facebook Fan Page –email your video to strife (at) –post your video to the Bboyworld thread posted above choose one of the above methods remember, videos must be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length! most creative wins. The videos will be judged by Daniel, Loan, MisLee, and Erwin. And please don’t re-use our current ideas. I don’t want to sit through a thousand What Grinds My Gears videos. Good

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  1. richieheim Says:

    Will you still be accepting entries tomorrow as long as it’s before the 21st, as in 11:59PM?
    I have a spectacular entry and all I’ll need is a few hours with my friend tomorrow to complete it! Please tell me you will. I promise you’ll like it! (:

  2. thekintheinhiz2323 Says:

    The winner also gets a free date with Loan and/or Miss Lee. (Free meaning Daniel will pay for meal and other expenses.) LOL.

  3. akaPapaSmurf Says:

    Posted my entry as a video reply and on your facebook page! This contest is awesome!

  4. yellowpaco Says:

    @comangargan it’s never quantity over quality. so i just hope one has good quality :

  5. comangargan Says:

    @yellowpaco i think u should win just for submitting that much i enjoyed ur words 2 moresco xP hope mine wasnt 2 long =o

  6. yellowpaco Says:

    @comangargan i find it weird my submissions are about 1/3 of them all HAHA

  7. comangargan Says:

    @yellowpaco indeed my friend. do u find it weird that there werent many submissions? =o

  8. yellowpaco Says:

    almost deadline. tension…

  9. strifetv Says:

    sure 🙂

  10. DJRX78Easterly Says:

    I have a question: Say we posted something already, but we wanted to make some modifications, can we post updated versions even after we submitted something?

  11. strifetv Says:

    you guys have to decide, or both could win, too.

  12. KevJunLiu9 Says:

    if there are 2 people in the video, then who wins the ticket?

  13. thelittlehombre Says:

    @strifetv dope

  14. strifetv Says:


  15. thelittlehombre Says:

    do i have to be over a certain age

  16. strifetv Says:

    nope. feel free to be creative.

  17. MrHellaAzn Says:

    does the three words have to be in order?

  18. BboyADOO Says:

    wow loan looks beautiful in this vid but of course shes pretty anywhere but wow

  19. kidsrocker Says:

    her so cute

  20. EnterTheJuLs Says:

    No limit to your creativity. I like that! 😉

  21. bboyfabolous1994 Says:

    loan you are so gorgeous

  22. TheLogyk Says:

    I really hate my self cause i was born in EUROPE !!! 🙁
    Good luck to the winner

  23. okokokjack Says:

    that guy looks like he has a fever, is he ok?

  24. strifetv Says:

    whatever you choose. there are no special rules except the 3 words.

  25. bboydimension Says:

    Hella dope!

    and what is the last song?

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