Why We Need A Virtual Credit Cards

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Modern day technology has made it possible for people to shop for anything ranging from books and clothes to laptop notebook computers or home theater system sets with credit cards. This can be done in the comfort of your home and you can buy items from any country in the world.

Some of my friends always ask me how safe it is to shop on the internet. They know for sure that a fraudster can steal my credit card particulars on the internet such that he can steal my money or use my credit card to shop for himself. I explained to them that it depends on how secure the network of the website is. Most popular websites have a very secure network. On the other hand, smaller online stores may not have a hack proof network. Based on this, virtual credit cards were invented.

Virtual credit cards are applications that process card numbers which can be used for buying items online. These numbers are usually sixteen digits like the normal credit cards and they are linked to your card account so that your payment for items bought can be processed. Fraudsters who may have stolen your virtual card will not be able to use it.

It is very important to note here that so many people have been defrauded to the tune of millions of American United States Dollars. You are strongly advised to use virtual credit cards to prevent the occurrence of credit card fraud.

Also, it has been observed that your credit card and virtual credit card details can be obtained from you without your knowledge. A very common example is when you pay for the services of a hotel, motel or guest house. Usually, you may give them your credit card details over the phone or your credit card can be swiped. Any employee of that hotel or motel may be able to get access to your credit card details in order to make some quick money.

In addition to this, you are strongly advised not to give out your credit card and virtual credit cards to some one that you do not know very well.

You can get a virtual credit card by contacting your financial service provider. You may have to go to your bank physically as they may not be willing to process the application for a virtual credit card over the phone. This service is free of charge and you do not have to get worried about someone stealing your details in order to scam you.


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