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Offshore Bank Account – How To Open One and Why

Opening an offshore bank account is a lot simpler than one might imagine and it brings with it fantastic financial benefits. An offshore bank account should be opened for a number of reasons. It can offer both yourself or your company asset protect, privacy and a variety of tax benefits. An offshore bank account can provide your business, whether it is an onshore business or an offshore business, with the right merchant tools it needs to conduct business both online and offline.

An offshore bank account can be opened quickly and easily by enlisting the help of CCLOGIC Ltd. CCLOGIC Ltd has been working for years to ensure the safe, secure opening of offshore accounts for hundreds of their clients. They are an authorized introducer with the major banks in Cyprus, Seychelles and Belize and can help you find a bank account to suit your needs.

Creating an offshore bank account is not difficult, however, trying to understand the laws and regulations of a different country to where you do business can be difficult even for the smartest lawyer. CCLOGIC Ltd has years of experience and understands the specific laws and requirements you need to abide by when opening your offshore bank account. They also have a variety of business partners who can offer you personalized law and tax advice.

One of the countries CCLOGIC Ltd can help you set up a bank account in is Cyprus. Cyprus is a small country located in the Mediterranean in Europe. It offers something special to businesses and professionals opening offshore bank accounts, as it is a part of the European Union. Seychelles and Belize are also two incredibly popular places to open offshore bank accounts. CCLOGIC Ltd can help you to open your account in the country of your choice.

Cyprus, Belize and Seychelles are popular places for professionals and businesses to open offshore companies and offshore bank accounts because they can be a great tax haven. Belize charges no capital gains tax and Cyprus charges only 10% corporate tax (and 0% for shipping companies) and only 20-30% income tax. Cyprus also charges only 20% capital gains tax. Seychelles also offers a variety of tax benefits suitable for business owners and professionals.

Opening an offshore bank account can help you to ensure complete privacy for your personal and business transactions. Offshore bank accounts can choose not to report income to any other tax authorities and they don’t have to as each offshore account is protected by bank secrecy. Many businesses create offshore companies and offshore bank accounts to ensure their complete privacy. If privacy is important to you then CCLOGIC Ltd can recommend the perfect bank account to suit your needs.

Offshore banking can often provide a politically and economically stable environment to store your money. For residents who live in countries where the risk of political turmoil is high this is a huge advantage.

Another advantage of offshore banking is that they can provide you with higher interest rates and a greater return on investment because they can operate at a lower cost to the banks in your local jurisdiction. They can also offer banking services and loans that may not be available in your local jurisdiction.

The few minor disadvantages of offshore banking include the association many people have with offshore banking and organized crime. Although offshore banking is a legitimate financial exercise that is used by many professionals and businesses some banks have been accused of helping criminals launder money. Another minor disadvantage is that offshore banks are often in remote areas and can be costly to visit. CCLOGIC Ltd can save you the cost of visiting your offshore bank by allowing you to apply completely online.

CCLOGIC Ltd works in a number of countries including Cyprus, Belize and Seychelles, so whatever your banking needs are CCLOGIC Ltd will find you the perfect solution. Don’t waste your time and money looking elsewhere for advice about offshore banking, CCLOGIC Ltd offers competitive rates and expert service.

CCLOGIC Ltd is a reputable company that has helped hundreds of their clients achieve their financial and banking goals. If you want to protect your assets and your profits through an offshore bank account then CCLOGIC Ltd will help you find the perfect bank account to suit your needs. Why not contact them today and find out how easy it is to create an offshore bank account and to legitimately protect what is rightfully yours, your money.

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