Why Oath Keepers are Under Attack – Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers

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oathkeepers.org Oath Keepers is an educational organization. Our message is simple: Obey your oath to the Constitution. Why Oath Keepers are Under Attack. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes during the first annual Oath Keepers Conference in October 2009. www.youtube.com Meet David Berry: www.youtube.com Meet Eddie & Ada Gilbert: www.youtube.com stewart-rhodes.blogspot.com “This is my old, private blog that is now sadly neglected since I have launched Oath Keepers, which has truly taken off like a rocket, leaving me no time for personal blogging – not that I’m complaining. the Oath Keepers mission is very important, and worth the time and effort. Go here: oathkeepers.org However, if you want to see what prompted me to finally launch Oath Keepers, there are several posts on this blog that show my thinking. Back in 2006 I wrote several scathing criticisms of the Bush Administration’s absurd and dangerous claims of nearly unlimited executive “war” powers. Those articles built on my research at Yale Law School (where I won the Miller Prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights). One of the most common refrains I get from Obama supporters is “where were you when Bush was violating the Constitution.” Well, I was right here. Read this:” stewart-rhodes.blogspot.com OATH KEEPERS is a non-partisan association of Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT just follow orders, will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic

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  1. IceAgeColumbus Says:

    Not in National Governments, or state governments, or county governments. But there still are democratic boards, and committees.

  2. netlethe Says:

    There is no democracy

  3. zyou8er Says:

    @Will224000 A dictatorial government would call the Oath keepers Terrorist. Why?? well, because if the dare to act like a dictator, the oath keepers would try to stop them. So, how do you bring the oath keepers down. You simply title them as terrorist.

  4. knave2 Says:

    Yale Law Graduate in charge of oath keepers hmm…

  5. matthewlane Says:

    @soontekoh34 If it helps i thumbed it down too. Its all just so much self congratulatory jingoistic patriotism. An as an Australian who looks at the US with fear, i can only say “Dudes, chill out & stop taking yourselves so darn seriously.”

  6. matthewlane Says:

    @thomastholin Hahahaha anti-authroity kooks make me laugh.

  7. soontekoh34 Says:

    The 4 thumbs down must be Obama, Gibbs, Holder and Emanuel.

  8. mispistoleros Says:

    thanks, oathkeepers…

  9. Will224000 Says:

    @uncleardegree …this I know… the rhetorical question is for Janet Napolitano to consider…

  10. JohndeNugent Says:

    Grea message. Pitiful that it has only 16,000 views (2/12/11).

  11. uncleardegree Says:


    NO oath keepers are not Terrorists

  12. Will224000 Says:

    are Oath Keepers Terrorists ?

  13. Coffeeandasmoke Says:

    Sent this every where.

  14. soupful Says:

    @thumpjumper Good god is there no conscience at work but the blind orders of un questioning order givers?

  15. soupful Says:

    @doctordrewl How very true and tthat goes for the world too.

  16. rifleman1002 Says:

    @thumpjumper oh. awkward.

  17. thumpjumper Says:

    @rifleman1002 As it turned out, the mission was canceled. It was a state side thing and we were not armed it was flood duty. Good thing for that guy because evacuating the civilians did not mean forcibly removing them from their homes. I think he had a differnet idea of what it meant.

  18. rifleman1002 Says:

    @thumpjumper I would have fragged him!

  19. thumpjumper Says:

    While in the Army I questioned our responce to a situation once where I openly asked if this was consistitutional. The Officer in chraged said F- The constitution you follow my orders.

  20. bandanamaniac Says:

    At the time of this post there are 4 people who dislike people who keep their word. sad…sad only. Anyone who hates the freedom that good people died to obtain….need to ASHAMED!!!!

  21. Neeklam Says:

    Whats the point. Theres nearly seven billion of us. All individuals. All with belifs and ideas of the future and the right and the wrong. There will never be any peace on this planet that we have polluted and used for thousands of years. The only peace will be when we are all instinct.
    Besides, true heroes dont call emselves heroes and dont go looking around for people to notice em….

  22. primoknoxville Says:

    Not all hose jockeys are heros pal.

  23. MisterAvis Says:

    Don’t End The Fed- Re-enact Glass Steagall! Cancel the illegal debt! Nationalize the FED! The audits WILL FOLLOW. Geithner, Volcker, Summers, Greenspan- STRAIGHT TO PRISON. And once we own the FED- we will also own the derivatives counterparties… and they will be ours to lock up and throw away the key. I dream of the day I see steel bars nearly rusted through with Bernanke’s tears.

  24. blkcpdconure Says:

    This group called the Oathkeepers sends a shiver down my spine in a good way. What they stand for is exactly what I stand for. I have been preaching that we need to defend the constitution and our oath. The fact that they are labeled a hate group shows how important they are. I will stand with my brothers and sisters and for all citizens of this country.

    USMC 0331

  25. Tryst46 Says:

    Fear not the Oathkeepers, fear those you have elected to power. Bush, Obama and their like will destroy your country just as Blair, Cameron and their like are destroying Britain.

    The oath taken by police and military states that you will defend your country from attacks both foreign AND DOMESTIC. Each of you have taken a similar oath in your pledge of alliegence to your country. Why do you stand back and watch your country being destroyed from within when you have taken an oath to prevent it?

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