Why Buy Investment Property in Brazil?

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Foreigners have long enjoyed Brazil’s palm-lined coast lines, basked in the warmth of its year-round sunshine, been made to feel welcome by its friendly locals and been swept away by the vibrancy of its carnivals and music. The media is all abuzz with Brazil’s oil finds, its growing economy, its solid infrastructure and its booming tourism industry. All these reasons, and you are still wondering why buy investment property in Brazil?!

The media buzz apart, it is a fact that never has the time been more opportune to invest in Brazilian property. The far-sighted policies of the Brazilian government has brought massive foreign investment in the country and foreigners are still being wooed to invest more in the country. To this extent, the government is going all out to help facilitate property purchases by foreigners by allowing them 100 % ownership of the property (with some exceptions) and by treating them equally with the Brazilians on legal grounds. Property sales are titled and foreign investors are entitled to the same possession rights as Brazilians. Ownership is secure and safe.

Currency appreciation is another reason for buying investment property in Brazil. With its raw material export driven and stable economy, the currency reserves of Brazil will only increase and the appreciation will continue.

Brazil has some of the most stunning beaches of the world and along with its warm climate the country is a magnetic pull for tourists throughout the year. The prices of its beachfront properties are ridiculously low when compared to the rest of the Americas and the value will keep rising because of the country’s growing economy.

In fact, the northeast shoreline of Brazil has become the current hotspot in the country and beach properties have already started going for a premium over there. Natal is now officially one of the host cities for the 2014 World Cup and is soon going to have the 5th largest airport in the world. This has led to a boom in the real estate market.

Brazil is extremely tourism-savvy and the government is supporting the tourism industry by providing for the necessary infrastructure. Good infrastructure, a swiftly expanding international flight network and easy access has added to the value of the property and succeeded in creating a domestic and international demand. Brazil’s sunny climes ensure year-round tourists and correspondingly year-round rentals (means fast returns on property) are not mere possibilities but actual facts.

The lower cost of living on a day-to day basis also means that property investors can seek a more affordable and better standard of living. It’s no wonder that more and more people are making a beeline to Brazil to buy investment property.

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