Who’s involved in Legal services?

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When you subscribe to a pre-paid legal service, you are likely to deal with a lawyer and a couple of other individuals and organisations who are engaged in one way or some other with the service. It’s important to understand the role of each participating party in a legal service plan, particularly when you’re unhappy with the service or when fee disputes or any other judicial proceeding with your provider arises.

So, who is concerned in your pre-paid legal arrangement?

Your Lawyer

You get to decide your attorney from a swimming pool of attorneys in the network. Your lawyer is your point of contact for any phone advice or office environment consultation. He is the one who furnishes other legal services specified in your written agreement with your provider: he drafts your will, reviews simple contracts for you, writes letters just for you and makes phone calls to adverse third parties.If you’re unsatisfied with the caliber of work you are receiving from your present attorney in the network then you have the choice of choosing alternate attorneys. You can also make a disorder to your provider’s in-house charge of complaints.

If you benefit from legal services under a group plan scheme then the’re a few parties who are engaged in this scheme. First the contracted firm, just as is the case with somebody plan, is the one which provides all the legal help through its network of attorneys. There are, in addition two parties concerned in the deal: a plan administrator and a plan sponsor.

A plan sponsor is the organisation you are member of, which sponsors your legal plan. Your sponsor can either opt to furnish the legal services as a fringe-benefit, as is the situation with most employers, pre-charge for the service – universities normally charge for any legal service as step in tuition fees – or charge low- expenses, as do trade unions under a group-bargaining scheme.

Your plan administrator is the person appointed by your sponsor to arrange for the plank of lawyers from the contracted firm to furnish services, collects all the fees paid into a pre-paid plan, publicizes the plan and handles enrolment and marketing. The administrator might be a an employee of the sponsor, an insurance underwriter or an outside firm.

Regulating Authority

Authorities that regulate pre-paid plans supply you with an outline of how pre-paid legal services are managed and in addition an outlet just in case the’re any complaints. Individual pre-paid legal plans are in general regulated by your state department of consumer affairs. If you’re an employee taking part in a group plan funded by your employer, then the legal services are covered and regulated under the deferral Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

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