Where is the current stock market going?

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By Dan tanner


Following a long and brutal Summer, its about time to get back at the Golden goose and make it lay some eggs. The Golden Goose almost got slaughtered in July and August, but never harmed. It always seems to operate its way out of it under some pretext and alibi. Well that maybe true.

Fall is here now and markets usually explode when it starts getting chilly outside and vacations are over and traditionally that is what I have seen in last 6 years or more. It’s because those and traders start focusing on things, and cluster around their desks at night, instead of jumping in the pool as in Summer. Its also school time and kids are studying. Stock market has its own traditions, just like anything else, and it will find a slightest of excuse to rally even on news that are down right awful.

After months of wrangling European leaders are experiencing a gathering which can address European debt problems and Greece debt woes. Members of 17 Eurozone countries will issue a joint communique mid week which is the real stimulus that has catapulted this market higher in previous couple of days. This a video which is based on technical analysis, but the fundamentals are different and that Europe needs a debt structuring plan, along with bank recapitalization, and shoring up Greece’s debt, and that’s what the market is looking forward. Furthermore, Europe is “ experimenting for sometime” and its high time we’d a finished product and the end of this long debt crisis.

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