When All Fails in Your Internet Marketing Promotion, Try This.

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Have you ever had times in your home business online opportunity that you just felt like you were banging your head against a brick wall, running and running, exhausted and getting nowhere? We all have had those moments. We have tried everything and nothing seems to click. The major temptation is to give up and say we have failed. Well when all else fails, don’t give up, try this: According to Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the best way of appealing to people of spirit is to throw down a challenge. This evokes a response from those with a desire to excel, i.e. those people whom you want to attract to your home business online opportunity. If people do not have the desire to excel and are not motivated by a challenge then you probably do not want to target them in your Internet marketing promotion anyway. Creating a challenge in your Internet marketing promotion attracts the very people you are looking for to join you in your home business online opportunity. Everyone has a desire to excel at something, and targeting that desire will enable us to challenge them to achieve that desire. I very often use a challenge when dealing with my children. If I am in a hurry going somewhere, there is a ‘race’ to see who can get dressed first, or who can ‘beat the timer’. There does not even have to be a prize. The thrill of ‘winning’ is enough.

At night, whoever has their toys tidied up first gets to choose the story that is read to them. As we get older we retain that desire to win, to be first. It is a desire that manifests itself very early in childhood. No matter how much I try to tell my children that ‘as long as they enjoy the game, it does not matter who wins or loses’, they are still upset if they don’t win and will do all in their power to be first at all times. My six year old plays hurling (an Irish game). I always ask him if he has had a good time. The response I get always depends on if his team won or lost the game. My efforts to change his mind on this have to date failed. I now think that it is better that he keeps his competitive streak as it will be an invaluable trait later in life. When times are tough, set yourself a challenge. Get rich schemes and promises of easy money do not set us any challenge. That’s why they are ultimately doomed to fail. For information on a genuinely amazing home business online opportunity that will challenge, but in return will handsomely reward all those who rise to the challenge please visit my blog http://margaretbourke.com

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