What’s the Harm: Eliza Jane Scovill

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Eliza Jane Scovill died at the age of 3. The death of any young child is a tragedy, but this event is made even more tragic by the cause of her death. I don’t wish to cause her family any more grief than they have already experienced, but there is an opportunity to learn from her story, and the story of her mother. Denialism is toxic and lethal, and we must not tolerate it. My sources: What Really Happened to Eliza Jane (run by denialists) www.justiceforej.com Wikipedia’s articles on Eliza and Christine Maggiore en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org AIDS Truth www.aidstruth.org WHO Mother to child transmission page: www.who.int eSnout’s blog, Reckless Endangerment: snoutworld.blogspot.com

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  1. pontecanis Says:

    Very well and eloquenlty said~I commend you for your fine work opposing the denialists and conspiracy theorists. It is truly bizarre that there are people who are so willing to give credence to crackpots and fools, but desire to discredit science whenever and wherever possible. They even post here…

  2. simwatts Says:

    @simwatts I am not one sided. I just know that you can not just change genetic code. Its not as simple as adding a bit here and a bit there. It isnt even tested. I cant believe that you really fall for the hype that comes from the FDA and Monsanta. And that bees are not important. Thats a really nasty way to look at it. Imagine a world with no flowers just because we decided to take over and genetically modify crops. In most cases it is just education. The shortages are more to do with politics.

  3. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts Bees are less important when we can grow crops without the need for natural pollination. however, bees are more important for a stable ecosystem, compared to the survival the the human species. genetically modified does not only mean more resistant to weeds and bugs, it also means more resistant to the elements as well as larger and more seeds produced. you are seriously only taking a one sided glance at this issue, there is more than just Monsanta and GM resistant crops.

  4. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker The PR Media tell you there is a problem. Many countries dont even want there crap. In Haiti they actually burned all the Aid from Monsanta. They sent millions. Crops are failing with all this GM ready stuff. It took 10 years for certain breeds of insects, and superweeds to develop. All it does is make it resiliant with round up ready products. Thats all. Bees are a more important integral part of agriculture for pollination. And they do introduce bacteria, antibiotics to plants.

  5. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts actually, the majority of gene modification truly is just selective breeding, while there is actual tampering with genes, it comprises a small part of it. now there are drawbacks, but how are we ever gonna move forward if we do not try? should we leave the crops alone, and tell 1 billion people that they need to leave the earth? the earth, with current conditions, cannot support the amount of human life on it…the only answer is either kill people or gene modification, which one?

  6. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker I dont know if you saw all the news articles today, about the bee population. They have died as a direct result of these methods. Even small amounts can wipe a colony of bees. They are integral to how plants reproduce. I dont see the logic of genetically modifying food to be resistant to a fertilizer that kills all the bees. Concordance who puts all these videos up compares it to selective breeding,of dogs he is full of bad facts and misleading info.

  7. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts first, you never stated anything about gene manipulation. second, yest organisms evolve, they will always change. correct me if i am wrong, buy you are against genetically modified food, right? finally, if you do nothing to protect crops, and allow insects to do what they want, you loose a massive amount of the crop, reducing, significantly, the amount that actually makes it to people…also, are you for or against ‘organic’ food?

  8. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker As pointed out by Greenpeace, that in 10 years the products are becoming useless, and failing as now new forms of weeds have taken over. New types of insects infect the crops. Monsanta, wants to now deploy the technology from Agent Orange to combat all this, and it will be passed without any issues, as they have passed laws that allow them to basically do what they want without any testing or any interference in the US.. watch?v=GJxb7CY13uc

  9. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker That has got to be the most dumb statement on here. You do not understand genetics or medical issues one bit. Do you understand that it is not adding antibiotics, but adding a gene from antibiotics. Adding antibiotics anyway, on a regular basis is bad, fungal infections breed, and certain organisms evolve to be resistant to antibiotics. This is not for any purpose apart from it to work with roundup ready Monsanta products. You are adding genes from a virus, or bacteria to plants.

  10. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts i love it when people jump to conclusions based on things i have said that actually had nothing to do with what i said. anyway…i was just saying that most people won’t take you seriously if you quote wiki, and that i know a few veterans who were unaffected. and actually i am in support of putting antibiotics in food, if it will help the general population.

  11. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker I never quoted them before. Its simple terms for simple people sometimes, to get a point through. Agent Orange is well known though. Are you saying it had no effect. Are you in support of Monsanta who introduced genes of bacteria, ecoli and antibiotics into our food. Are you a denier of agent orange. I think Greenpeace would differ from your point of view.

  12. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts i have actually spoken to Vietnam veterans, and i am pretty sure most of them have never been exposed to ‘agent orange’. also, you should never quote wiki because no one will take you seriously, it isn’t even allowed in middle-school.

  13. simwatts Says:

    @MobileThinker Listen Agent orange was made and developed by Monsanta. Its just common knowledge, and wikipedia gives an easy understandable account of Agent Orange. If you want me to quote somewhere else, then please tell me. There is no need to quote a science paper. Just ask people in the country who had this forced on them, or some ex vietnam veterans.

  14. MobileThinker Says:

    @simwatts please tell me you are just trolling…otherwise i am gonna start getting really fuckin pissed. also, don’t EVER cite wiki as your source, unless you don’t want people to take you seriously.

  15. simwatts Says:

    There is a 50 thousand pound reward. I think it is 100 thousand pound to prove hiv causes aids. I think you could win it. Why dont you go in for it.

  16. passwordresetisbroke Says:

    @simwatts 3 things.

    1. Why reply to a fairly obvious throw away comment? (IE one that is just meant to show the commenters disdain, rather than provoke any dialog) (Don’t bother answering I don’t really care)

    2. SIV/FIV etc. have all been shown to cause Immunodeficiency. HIV is no different.

    3. She killed her daughter. She wasn’t a lovely person.

    4 Leave me alone.

    That is all.

  17. simwatts Says:

    the disease.. No doubt this will be something else blamed on a retro virus. Although there official stance at the moment is that sufferers are delusional. How can Monsanta, who killed 15 million people, have free reign on genetically modifying anything and not need approval.

  18. simwatts Says:

    @mku17ra I dont want any activity on my channel thanks. Your channel is just full of concordance videos. While you are mentioning about Monsanta. Why dont you check the wiki page for agent orange wikipediadotorg/wiki/Agent_Orange. Its shocking. You tell me how Monanta, and the HIV industry are allowed to make and influence US laws. They are freely allowed to modify food genes. Now Morgellons disease came about, there official line is that hundreds of thousands of sufferers are imagining

  19. simwatts Says:

    @passwordresetisbroke She was good looking lovely person. I am not denying anything about AIDS. I dont think you understand the point. The mechanisms for causing Aids are not understood, and until we start using proper scientific procedures to investigate the problem then we will always have this horrid disease. We have to look at other factors that could have triggered it. It may be HIV, HIV with a co factor, or nothing to do with HIV and nutrition as the discoverer of HIV believes.

  20. passwordresetisbroke Says:

    How can people still deny HIV / AIDS? How can a sufferer no less deny it.

    Perplexes the shit out of me.

    Regardless she was pretty damn good looking, probably not towards the end though 😕

  21. mku17ra Says:

    @simwatts So now you’re accusing C0nc0rdance of using a fake account to call you a conspiracy theorist!?!?.
    How thick could someone get, really.
    Let me whip my tin foil hat for a sec and think why there’s zero content or activity on simwatts channel. What would he use that account for?..uhm.. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!. Now excuse me while I go watch Alex jones’ channel..

  22. simwatts Says:

    (1) Evidence in the form of an anecdote or hearsay is called anecdotal if there is doubt about its veracity; the evidence itself is considered untrustworthy.

  23. simwatts Says:

    Pitfalls of Thinking: Anecdotal Evidence
    From: C0nc0rdance | 25 April 2010 | 11,274 views
    Relying on anecdotes is intuitively a bad idea, but why? When we rely on a very small sample of outcomes, the results may not represent the population as a whole. This is the basis of gambling, alternative medicine, and it’s something that science based medicine has very carefully removed from the process.

  24. simwatts Says:

    I just watched one of your videos. That was on GM foods. Another company Monsanta, similar to the drug companies. Completely baffling how you can just let this happen without even so much as a thought. They put genes from antibiotics, 2 viruses some other plant, and something they cant remember, just so it works with round up ready weed killer. This is from a company that already killed 15 million people with agent orange. Shows naivety i think.

  25. simwatts Says:

    Are you Concordance in disguise. You have Best of Youtube – C0nc0rdance
    on your playlist. Someone on the other videos says you change your name, and reply to questions as a different person. I dont understand that.

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