What’s my Line? Laurence Harvey

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What’s my Line? Laurence Harvey

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  1. thadxxx Says:

    I dig his slick hair..

  2. jeffsor47 Says:

    @VTMCompany Homo? Boy I guess it takes one to know one Huh???

  3. VTMCompany Says:

    the panelist beside arlene? mr. homo?

  4. VTMCompany Says:

    he’s dreamy…

  5. bmwpower1x Says:

    Such an elegant man.. Died much too early!

  6. panhead1219 Says:

    Dorothy would look wonderful naked.
    Er… I mean.. well, you know what I mean.

  7. senoramariposa Says:

    Dorothy looks wonderful in this segment.

  8. ameroux Says:

    Some of us have no interest in hearing about who was or wasn’t gay or who slept with whom.

  9. MissMael Says:

    Lol, when I scroll down and just listen to the voices he makes I can imagine a huge mustached old man talking. He had a lovely handwriting. Ha, ha, I loved the last question…the guy asking had a big grin when he asked.

  10. jazzmanEE Says:

    have you by any chance visited a room at the top…the guy understood who he was there..hehehe

  11. JubalCalif Says:

    Mr Harvey was indeed an underated actor. He could be very effective in the right role. Just watch him in “The Manchurian Candidate”. How sad that he died so young from stomach cancer. In any case, thanks for sharing this delightful clip with us.

  12. MisterEvasion Says:

    Hey that’s the chess player murderer on Columbo!

  13. perlster Says:

    guest panelist – Jean Pierre?

  14. CK1223 Says:

    he was a good actor

  15. CK1223 Says:

    he was gay read last word on sinatra by sinatras valet

  16. PeterFirthFan Says:

    He was great!

  17. YellowDogTV Says:

    GREAT mystery guest clip!

  18. rickram1961 Says:

    Laurence Harvey was such a brillant and gifted actor. We lost him when he was way to young

  19. Moamg Says:

    He was GORGEOUS! Love him.

  20. PatinPDX Says:

    Very funny segment. Thank you for posting it. Laurence Harvey always reminded me of Marlene Dietrich, pretty but nothing behind it. That opinion changed when I saw Marlene in “Witness for the Prosecution” and Laurence in “The Manchurian Candidate”…my goodness, they can act! He was too young when he died, 45.

  21. GJNCA Says:

    Arthur Laurents (he wrote the screenplay to “Rope”, etc) knew Mr Harvey well and he says he was gay! Also, Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote all confirmed it at various times! I think that pretty much settles it.

  22. princess11222 Says:

    Did you like him in Butterfield 8?

  23. princess11222 Says:

    I’ve never heard that he was gay and I don’t think he was.

  24. Teflon65 Says:

    I have read that Laurence Harvey was bisexual. Just answering someone’s question here. Save your cards and letters.

  25. johnwaynemovie Says:

    Lawrence Harvey was the real life father of Domino Harvey. Domino Harvey was the female bounty hunter portrayed by Keira Knightley in the movie “Domino”

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