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Hi Again …… just Marion Herbertson here. If you’ve been following ‘me, you know I teach people how to market online, how to make money online and do so working from the comfort of your own homes. So far, I’ve been telling you what I can do for you. But here’s something that really made me think slightly differently today ………. What would you like me to do for you …… how can I REALLY help you? Here’s what triggered this train of thought …….. I’ve just trudged up my drive, ears throbbing with cold, nose running and lips completely numb —- but I’m happy. Why?? Well, lastnight we made a break from being snowed in and stocked up on food, logs and coal …….. they’re predicting another week of snow and sub-zero temperatures. We were feeling very smug on our way back ….. till we got to the entrance to our drive. Our drive is on a bit of an upward slope and with this weather, it was like an ice skating rink. It didn’t matter how hard we tried, we could not move an inch. Oh Wait – that’s wrong!! We slid sideways, backwards and then sideways again —- in fact we went every which way but forwards! Sooooo frustrating – and quite unnerving to be so out of control actually. Finally we abandoned the car at the top of our drive. This morning – that was our priority – we just had to get the car back up the drive – it was in a dangerous situation. But it didn’t matter WHAT we did, our wheels just spun. Lots of noise, lots of rubbish being thrown up, lots of smoke —– but NO results. So why am I happy? Well ……… I remembered I’d seen a big storage box of salt and grit at the top of our little country lane.

So, armed with bucket and spade, I slipped and slid my way to it, filled up with grit and salt, returned and strategically scattered some under the wheels of our car. My husband jumped in, slowly put his foot on the accelerator and he was off and running straight away. Ohhhhh my …… did I feel satisfied!! 🙂 And that’s when I got to thinking – Aren’t we all like that in life sometimes? We get into a frustrating situation that we just can’t seem to get out of. It doesn’t matter what we do, or how hard we work, we simply go nowhere. We just spin our wheels. It’s sooooo frustrating. What we need at times like that is a bucket of salt and grit ….. figuratively speaking, of course! So here’s your chance – tell me what I can do for you. While I’d probably be hopeless at giving you road directions or cooking you a gourmet meal – I can show you how to market online, maybe supplement or replace your current income many times over —- and work from home, in the process of doing so. Would you like me to do that? BUT – here’s the thing! – learning anything new is often such an uphill struggle and you can end up simply spinning your wheels. Would you like me to be the salt and grit under your wheels? Give you a bit of traction just when you need it most? How can I help you? What would be the biggest factor towards helping you to relax. I genuinely would love to hear from you. Please email me and tell me what I can do to help you. That’s it – no strings attached …….. I am genuinely curious – and I would genuinely like to help. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Marion Herbertson

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Marion Herbertson is an out of the ordinary success story online. She is proof that you can create wealth online – with integrity. Having made the transition from the daily grind of the corporate world – she now knows how to work and make money online, from the comfort of her own home.

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