Weekend Edition Broad Market Analysis Sept. 26, 10

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  1. FreeTradingVideos Says:

    @lilidk6150 Thanks….I own UNG. (:

  2. FreeTradingVideos Says:

    @opiston Thank you for your compliment!

  3. ibislee Says:

    The Plunger Team is desperate to keep the markets up before November elections. There was nothing bad economic news and low volume. Not to mention we are at the top of the stochastic and over extended. The durable goods order was negative and the only major goods purchased were military aircraft orders!?! They killed the fiat dollar and pumped the market, look at gold and silver. Beware, this fake rigged rally is all air.

  4. lilidk6150 Says:

    Very good video .Thank you
    Look at XLF: For last 6 days we have higher volume on down days , than on up days. It looks like we have ABC down to aboasut 13.80 . Is it time to buy natural gas? (FCG. GAZ, UNG)

  5. opiston Says:

    good stuff, and I “LIKE” it!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. FreeTradingVideos Says:

    @gulligulli Thanks for noticing. (:

  7. gulligulli Says:

    amazing! We had a solid downtrend the last three days and then this. The most amazing thing is: you kind of told me that yesterday already….
    pretty amazed by the technical analysis! thx

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