Weekend Edition Broad Market Analysis Nov. 14, 10

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Click here- FreeOnlineTradingEducation.com The major indexes finish the week weak as stocks had their worst weekly loss since August. China is expected to raise interest rates to fight inflation. Gold falls 2.7%.

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  1. ahole101 Says:

    The sellers are lurking.

  2. FreeTradingVideos Says:

    @TryDeletingMe Thanks for the “thanks.” It great to hear from followers/viewers.

  3. FreeTradingVideos Says:

    @MisterE103 You make several great points. Let’s see how these markets play themselves out. The weekly charts look ominous.

  4. TryDeletingMe Says:


  5. uckfayu Says:

    Agree with MisterE103, this market is going down, as it should!!!

  6. MisterE103 Says:

    I’d say put a fork in it, this extreme overdone (QE2) rally is reversing fast. Just look at bellweather stocks like AAPL, it was extremely weak as was GOOG and others. The volume was alot higher than usual and there was no bid, not even at the days low. I was watching for that and they couldn’t get the markets to erase even half their losses, and POMO was active in todays session. The G20 was a failure, nothing resolved and Ireland is about to go “Greek”

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