We are NOT hiring until Obama is gone?

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We are NOT hiring until Obama is gone.

As you may have seen Republicans have obstructed every turn President Obama has taken to create jobs and killed so many initiatives that could have resulted in better economies for all of us.

Here is a particularly nascent example of a Western Georgia businessman who proclaims he is not hiring until Obama is gone. U.S. Cranes, LLC in Waco, Georgia, owner explained that while “I’ve got people that I want to hire now,” he didn’t think he would be able to foot the expense “unless some things change in D.C.”

Well company policies are internal affairs and not a matter of public records. But he went ahead a step further and pasted the message on his company vehicles and trucks for the public to see. Here is a video you can watch:

As the story is picked up by national media and blogs here is what Thinkprogress.org had to say “ The notion that President Obama’s economic policies preclude small businesses from hiring new workers isn’t the only ludicrous claim Looman pushes. A cursory glance at Looman’s public Facebook page shows he is prone to anti-Obama conspiracy theories. Earlier this month, he posted a false report that Larry Sinclair – the man who claimed he did drugs and had sex with President Obama – had died and implied foul play, writing “MAKES YOU WONDER HUH?” Looman’s page is also riddled with pro-confederate and anti-Muslim postings.”

If there is a contrary evidence President Obama has proposed giving small businessman a boost by allowing $4000 tax credit if they hire long term unemployed. This week he signed into law giving additional tax benefits to those businesses who hire veterans. Looks like this company is going to miss out on those benefits altogether and a distorted political statement is more important.

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