Wash my car grandma and U2 – vlog #7

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karaoke song from my ‘asian family gatherings’ video watch the video here: www.youtube.com download the mp3 version here LOL: www.mediafire.com reason for staying up: sleeping pattern: always sleep at 6AM so if i slept at 6, wuld have to wake at 8.30, therefore gg enjoy

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  1. JellyMenz Says:

    try pissing on the chickens.


    wow i just typed in vlog 7, vlog 10 … and mychonny’s vlog wuz there

  3. 21Mahsa12 Says:

    NI HAU MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. hahahahaha im not gonna forget this song ;l<3

  4. Hakken44 Says:

    u cant fight off a few zergings!

  5. Hakken44 Says:

    u cant fight off a few zergings!

  6. ciaralol100 Says:

    Who said we were singing??

  7. TheIvantrac Says:

    love the song LOL

  8. xmangop123 Says:

    wait, couldnt you make your dad just wake you up at 9??

  9. mtarco69 Says:

    he switches from like chinese to japanese rofl

  10. Holycrapitsanindian Says:


  11. Holycrapitsanindian Says:

    Lololol. You’re right nomodada.

  12. calvinchoe100 Says:

    how come the stores are open at 3am

  13. LMAOoutloud Says:

    just watch… the next time i go to school i’ma be singing this and annoying everyone around me…

  14. nomonada Says:

    isn’t watashi wa japanese……………..

  15. barricade456 Says:

    ok you see a slug on your wall, and now a snail on the door?!?!? omg how are you not grossed out?

  16. TheIvantrac Says:

    LOL the asian song should be published to be pro LOL

  17. xxlilaznshawtyxx Says:

    dude can’t you sleep at night then wake up at like 8?

  18. omfgmysniskewl Says:

    Wash my cah ba xa….

  19. ThisBeSandraDang Says:

    couldve just set an alarm for 9 am. Lol

  20. Ryutarosu100Ultimate Says:

    wild chicken this chicken have more protein than fish and chicken lol

  21. crickster00 Says:

    @xxxkevinxbboyxxx i know its viet. It’s the northern vietnamese accent. Anyways its spelled Ba Da not Ba Ya. 😛

  22. misternome Says:

    @tinimissvn no it doesn’t lol well at least in Vietnamese it means old lady

  23. mtarco69 Says:

    Pee on the chickens to make them grow bigger!

  24. tinimissvn Says:

    @misternome no it means “wife” or “honey”

  25. tinimissvn Says:

    @xBaaBo hahah exactly

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