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Posting on forums, if used properly, can be an excellent way to get your name “out there”, and ultimately to build up a heap of traffic to your website.Not the words “if used properly” are emphasized.

Relevant, good and useful content is what you need here.

Let’s cut to the chase, if you expect to join a forum and to post a huge advertisement, and then sit back and wait for the massive amount of web traffic to hit your web site, then your probably going to be disappointed (not to mention waiting for a long time for it to happen).

You don’t spam people with email (hopefully!) and spamming a forum is just as bad (effectively posting a huge advertisement is spam) and will more often than not get you banned from the forum, and your post will get deleted, not to mention you will quickly get a reputation as a forum spammer.

Even though the Internet is a huge place, you might be surprised on just how fast word can get around for things like this. Don’t chance it.

Not spamming is even more important if your trying to become an expert in your niche area, because chances are the forum you just got banned from was a major one for your niche market if you had done your research properly.

We suggest you look at warrior forums as a further way to move your online business forward rapidly. The rewards are well worth it.

So what is the best way to use a forum to get value out of it?

Firstly, find relevant forums for your niche market, and take the time to read the rules generally of the forum, and specifically the rules as they relate to forums posts.

To find forums use the search engines and look for forums and your keyword phrases.

e.g. Forums for car wholesalers, do a search for forum car wholesalers.

Some forums will not allow you to post any form of blatant advertisement, others may allow a signature block at the end of the post that can point to a website, with maybe a brief description of your site, others may not even allow that. Take the time to read up on just what is and isn’t allowed for each forum you sign up with.

Once you’ve done that, actually consider if you’re going to be able to add value to the forum by posting.

Do you have knowledge that can be used to help out other posters? Can you actually add decent content, that is not just along the lines of “Sounds like you need my affiliate-o-matic program, grab it from my website”.

Recognize that you should be able to reply to posts without doing selling of any kind (although hopefully you selected a forum that allowed a signature block in your posts, so that at the bottom of each of your fabulous relevant, and expert, rich in wisdom posts, there is also a link for people to reach you).

This signature should definitely not be the focus of the post though; that should bt to actually help people by solving the particular problem or issue listed in the forum post.

You will be amazed how quickly you can build up yourself as an expert in the forum, which adds immense believability and credibility to you on the forum, meaning people will start coming to you for help!

The other huge bonus is that forum posts usually get picked up by the search engines so that over time your answers will get into the search engine results, and low and behold there is a link to your website in them!

Maake sure your posts are in a relevant forum for your niche market. For example if you have answered questions in a gardening forum, and your signature at the bottom of each of your posts leads people to a sports site, you may be disappointed with the results.

In this case, assuming your web site was sports related, you would have been far better off posting in a sports forum, but hopefully a sporting forum that is specific to the exact sports your website focuses on.

The search engines love relevancy, and you will find you will often actually lose points, and valuable rankings if you are just concentrating on getting large numbers of links, and not paying attention to using relevant forums to your niche market.

Remember the golden rule about one way links, a relevant one way link to your website from another site (including forums) is much more valuable if both sites have related content.

Make sure you look into the posting of forums to get a boost of visitors to your site. This is a very easy way to get free traffic on your web site.

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