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Read a review of the VW Passat vs the Skoda Superb: www.autoexpress.co.uk The family car sector has come under fire in recent years, with buyers abandoning traditional saloons, hatchbacks and estates in favour of SUVs, MPVs and premium models. However, VW is keeping faith and has just launched a new version of its long-serving Passat, which is now entering its seventh generation. Bosses have been careful not to mess with the hugely successful Passat formula, so the newcomer doesn’t look much different to its five-year-old predecessor.

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  1. derbigpr500 Says:

    @JELH I’d put it like that probably as well. I like the Insignia , its has the best interior of the 3 in this video, best engines, and feels like a more expensive car. Passat is just below average today. Mondeo is very cheaply built inside, and Mazda is typically japanese, drives good, looks good on outside, but interior is filled with plastic and designed in 10 mins.

  2. JELH Says:

    @derbigpr500 Yeah! 😀 Lol! Now, seriously, in my opinion: Insignia > Passat > Mazda 6 > Mondeo (too expensive, the eco version is hopeless and the interior looks outdated).

  3. derbigpr500 Says:

    @derbigpr500 And at the end, Peugeot has the best built interior, has great engines (developed together with bmw), best comfort/handling combination in class (feels like Audi A4, while being more comfortable and smooth), loads of room inside, loads of equipment….etc etc…its just feels like a far better car than almost anything in class. Passat literally looks like crap next to it, especially if we look at interiors. I think that 508 is a proper premium car to be compared with A4 and BMW3.

  4. derbigpr500 Says:

    @derbigpr500 Ford Mondeo and Mazda 6 drive best, but they have pretty cheap interiors, Honda Accord drives pretty good, has great interior, but it has very little room inside and it has no turbo-charged engines to compete with other. Opel Insignia is very comfortable and quiet, has great engines and drives pretty good, but interior quality is not up there with the best. Citroen C5 is BY FAR the most quiet, comfortable and pleasant to drive, with great interior, but its not very sporty.

  5. derbigpr500 Says:

    Currently in class:
    – Peugoet 508
    – Citroen C5
    – Opel Insignia or Ford Mondeo
    – Honda Accord
    – Mazda 6
    – VW Passat or Toyota Avensis

    Passat is just too old to compete with any of newer cars in class, and Peugeot 508 and Citroen C5 are just too good to be beaten by any of the cars in class. They are by far the most comfortable, have by far the best interiors (especially 508), handle great (especially 508), have great engines, best equipment and overall feel like better cars than others.

  6. derbigpr500 Says:

    @JELH Mazda 6 beats any of these? In terms of what? The quantity of cheap plastic inside?

  7. derbigpr500 Says:

    Passat feels very cheep and old inside. Its the worst car of the three, and its the oldest.

  8. jacmar44 Says:

    i’d get the vw anyday – vw FTW

  9. MrPontiosGR Says:

    Opel is for pussys !!!

  10. TheOpelvectra10 Says:

    passat cc ….why they changed it for this new passat is ugly , looks like a jetta and is so boring .

  11. TheOpelvectra10 Says:

    opel insignia , yes , yes , opel .

  12. TheHannes222 Says:

    your mother is overrated rubbish

  13. JELH Says:

    Mondeos are overrated rubbish.

  14. JELH Says:

    Mazda 6 beats any of these three. But, if I had to choose one of the three cars in the video, I’d go for the Passat.

  15. skoshy Says:

    @NAGULNR2 Thank you. @TheLucifer69 mentioned that too.

  16. NAGULNR2 Says:

    @skoshy he is called mat watson

  17. piratelectro Says:


  18. 2741718 Says:

    Who would have guessed that a Ford will be better than two German compensator! FORD FTW 😀

  19. ChevRcr454 Says:

    we get a whole new passat over here in america 😀

    I’d take the Insagia “well Regal actualy” cause it’s the nicest looking car of those 3 IMO.

  20. jaffacake1578 Says:

    why would you bother to think about thinking about comparing these two with the new mondeo? THEY ARE HOPELESS!

  21. nahum1986 Says:

    who is the mazda 6??? :S

  22. Zlyzer Says:

    Pity Ford’s garages are so pathetic when it comes to customer service.

  23. HetmanWielkiKoronny7 Says:

    NEW Passat is to German.Ford Mondeo i much better.

  24. Schuluskus Says:

    @Pyromaceno1 yes, the ford is better than the passat. with the image and lots of other things

  25. Pyromaceno1 Says:

    I have always liked the VW passat but I think the new 2011 Ford range Is very very good and like Ford better just a personal op:)

  26. alanscott Says:

    mondeo is a great car that person who said that the mondeo is cheapy made hs not seen the car in the flesh pictures dont do the car good ford will and always will be rememberd for putting the family class right with the new mondeo even bmw were shocked at this car looks good amizing power 2.5 from the ST good handling but one thing i dont like is that its too big if buying get parking sensers all round as its a hard car to park in tight spaces

  27. JohnSmith Says:

    I would say Passat is the top as Mondeo looks cheaply and vauxhall = cheverlot while mazda not commonly known

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