Violence erupts at OccupyOakland protest

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Video courtesy ABC News.

Early morning Tuesday, Occupyoakland protesters were driven out of City Hall Plaza where they have been camping for last month. In a morning raid Police from neighboring cities and Sheriff’s deputies evicted protesters from city property. Many belongings and possessions were confiscated.

Later in the day enraged at the Police heavy handedness, protesters gathered and returned to the same spot and tore down the fenced off area and clashed with the Police. Among the marchers Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran was injured in the head and was rushed amid chaotic scenes. Police came down firing tear gas canisters and rubber bullets and other projectiles and one of them hit Scott Olsen. The scene here is just like the scenes we saw in Rome, Cairo and other major cities in the world this year.

There was complete mayhem as protesters fought battles with the Police and several arrests took place. Oakland’s Mayor Quan next day tried to address the crowd of protesters during a vigil in front of City Hall and was booed off the stage. Finally, Police has backed off, and the protesters are back with their tents on the City property.

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