Vet Facing Foreclosure

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By Zaid Jilani


Today, 99 Percenters all over the country will be taking part in a day of action being dubbed “Occupy Our Homes.” The goal of these actions is to stop home foreclosures and stand up for people who want to work with banks to stay in their houses with their families.

One of the homes the 99 Percent will be trying to save is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There, veteran Bobby Hull is facing eviction from the home he has lived in since he was a child. After running into health problems where he was in and out of surgery, he was unable to make payments to his bank, US Bank. Hull went through a mortgage modification program, and the bank at first refused the program’s offers and then finally approved one modification program and didn’t tell him until two months after.

Now, he’s facing a possible eviction from the home that’s been in his family’s possession since 1968. He wants to work, and he wants to keep his home. But US Bank refuses to work with him. But he’s not afraid. “I’ve served my time in Vietnam and I’m not afraid to fight again,” he says. Today, Occupy Minneapolis will be standing with him to help keep his home in his posession.

Filmmakers Peter Leeman and Kyle Kehrwald made a short film about Hull’s plight. Watch it:



“We need to protect our country, whether it’s from foreign or domestic,” says Hull. “And I think right now our fight is domestic.” If you are in the Minneapolis area and want to help defend Hull’s home, find details on how to help at this Facebook page here.

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