Verified Short Sale And Deed-in-lieu Results

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A Saint Charles man sued his lender (First Franklin) for improperly trying to foreclose on his second home. First Franklin agreed to a Short-Sale along with debt forgiveness for the $180,000 loss that First Franklin absorbed at closing. The homeowner also walked away with $20,000 at closing that was disclosed in the sales contract and settlement statement to lender, title company and buyer. The entire credit history of the foreclosure was removed from the homeowners credit history. If there is a problem with your loan there may a surprisingly positive solution available.

A Saint Charles man also sued First Franklin for Truth-in-Lending violations on the mortgage for his primary residence. He additionally defended against foreclosure with several mortgage fraud allegations. The foreclosure never moved forward. The other lawsuit settled out of court in a fully disclosed settlement that resulted in the homeowner offering the Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure and walking away with $33,000 while the lender suffered a $350,000 loss. The homeowner had no tax liability for the debt forgiveness due to the Mortgage Debt Relief Act.

A Geneva man received $5,000 “Cash for Keys” to hand over the keys to his home rather than fight foreclosure. The house had been on the market for a long time with no serious offers and was worth far less than the mortgage loan amount.

Most of my clients seek mortgage modifications but if you just want out and are looking to not walk away empty handed then maybe one of these other solutions would make more sense for you. Use the free online evaluation at to see what options are available.

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