Value Investing Conference 2008 #5

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Keynote: Alice Schroeder, author of “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life”. Introductory remarks by John Macfarlane.

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  1. SilverRussell Says:

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  2. Pauleneclaire Says:

    Thank you. Good to know.

  3. jdengsky Says:

    yep he did, snowball mentioned warren gave fanny stocks to grandchildren.

  4. SadeTabitha Says:

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  5. daniellewis2008 Says:

    You can judge a man by his company. I think Warren Buffett also has very good taste in people. I like Alice Schroeder, she appears very capable and still human. He chose her for a reason. She also did an excellent job with the biography. Good on ya, gal!

  6. PearlsofPaulene Says:

    You might be right. Freddie Mac.

  7. IncorruptibleTruth Says:

    You would be wrong.

  8. cacedesign Says:

    That second speaker needs to join Toastmasters… he must have said UMM, UH, ER like 5000 times

  9. Pauleneclaire Says:

    I believe Warren did have Fanny Mae and got out when he saw the tack it was taking with junk mortgages.

  10. TheWorldsLawyer Says:

    Let me make the first comment to this. Firstly thank you for posting this and I am impressed with Warren and what he has done over time however he is still fallable. At one point he wanted in on Fanny Mae but missed out and regretted it. His intent was to buy and had he managed he would have lost an awful lot of money in the recent crash. Still, fascinating work though I am convinced there is more to Warren’s strategy than we will ever be allowed to see. Warren and Bill Gates rule and Melinda!

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