Using 2-step verification

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Improve security of your Google Account using 2-step verification. Learn more:

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  1. PinkyLemons1 Says:


  2. windbreaker57 Says:


  3. selassiemoreno Says:

    esta mierda no me deja entrar, no me envia el puto mns, si no lo hacen mas accesible, vayan a la mierda

  4. ginfreque14 Says:

    Then we need to use the Application to remember the Password. -_-!

  5. missiles24 Says:

    Thank you so much! This saved my account! :D!

  6. Joseph150ful Says:

    Elliot Yamin?!? is that u?

  7. Poopshepard Says:

    @reademandsweep works fine for me..

  8. karapoozik Says:

    Thumbs up everybody who want also fingerprint verification, eye-scan and voice recognizer. bugaga:))

  9. reademandsweep Says:

    Still doesn’t work. You’ve realyt dropped the ball on this one. Poor

  10. hondurnbabe124 Says:

    iiKnoee riight.! mee too . . . urgh nd iiWanted 2 do iiT too.!

  11. incredibun Says:

    The video makes it seem so easy, but the box to generate the password is grayed out and I live in the US. Oh well.

  12. blueboyamsterdam Says:

    Really good! Tnx again Google!!!!

  13. NoorAljanabi Says:

    That’s why I love Google

  14. xXxMargarita89xXx Says:

    im trying to step up my google voice on my itouch and its not letting me sign in, it says im not subscribed but i am subscribed through my laptop, need help..

  15. BlacKGraFFiX Says:

    2-Step Verification is great. Just wish I had remembered to wirte down my generated Gmail password so I didn’t have to reset my phone after getting locked out.

  16. Empire895 Says:

    leave it to Google to comlicate things, taking a page out of the Book of Microsoft

  17. NotKuar Says:

    Works ok in Ukraine.

  18. Carrieberry19 Says:

    well i wish someone would have noticed me

  19. MrYitsok Says:

    @cpstuckey yes and very good for the Japanese who are a very smart country, youre not fooling this American,,I know what u have and I know you can and will use it, but please reconsider for all the not so smart Americans who think u are foreign and dumb…..Because alot of us know u are not dumb….u are in fact a highly intelligent race,,,,,I love the Japanese, but I think their food is a little to spicy for me….lol..thank you christine r sanford…

  20. MrYitsok Says:

    I love my computer and i love google. You all are billionaires, something, I will never know…Leave some of the cash here..I don’t mind. ty christine r isgar lmao.

  21. Sharzelahmed54321 Says:


  22. MrTopNotchTexan Says:

    @jacobbubble2 in your actual wallet?

  23. Reizz999 Says:

    Nice idea..
    I usually used 2-step verification on my web activity (when supported)..
    But this Google 2-step verification is more convenient and flexible than other 2-step verification (I already used), especially for the availability for backup printed code, backup phone number, and smartphone application.
    But, unfortunately, it still not available for Japan user who do not have smartphone and want to use land-lines or mobile phone verification.

  24. zemmzemme Says:

    Persian translation of this video in

  25. ankit3001 Says:

    great idea to save damn hackers…

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