Underwater Mortgages; Michigan’s Welfare System FLOODED

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Michigan’s welfare system is gorged with new clients who often wait hours in crowded state offices to get food stamps and medical care. www.freep.com Oct. foreclosures in Mass. jump from Sept. www.boston.com Colorado foreclosures hit record in Q3 www.google.com Foreclosures: Even Those with Good Credit, Jobs are Walking Away ecreditdaily.com Blog demcad.blogspot.com Myspace www.myspace.com Facebook www.facebook.com New Youtube Channel www.youtube.com Please support other channels that expose the truth. youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com

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  1. jacofall7 Says:

    I think as long as they get “some” cash flow the banks are happy for now. They just keep tallying the interest and principle and late fees. While they go after the houses/mortgages a few at a time.
    As long as they get some money they will probably keep you down on the list of foreclosures. The ones that pay nothing they go to the top of the list of foreclosures.

  2. lilpoindexter Says:


  3. luminatedgame Says:

    this country needs a wake up call, the govt. doesnt care, you can march and protest all you want, i think with-out physical removal of 90% or more of your elected current govt. they wont leave nor listen, greed of the govt. elite isnt killing this country, its the meek, self indulgent, lazy brainwashed, sheep of a puss population that doesnt have the nutz to do anything about the greed and teorany itself!

  4. luminatedgame Says:

    your houses value is only based upon what someone can and will pay for it.
    poeple need to get way back to basics. and basics is self reliancy the elite are in the process of barring the door of prosperity with laws and ideals. I feel bad for anyone who cant or wont farm or hunt because i truelly balieve the powers that be want to push 50-70% of the population back pre-industrial era conditions, or at least create a welfare begging state in the u.s. just my opinion!

  5. freedomunrestricted Says:

    My deal on the housing subject is that even though i haven’t had another appraisal since i bought my house a year and a half ago i know the value has gone down. And we were able to buy the house with 0% down so i know i owe more than it is currently worth on the market. But with current rental rates on something comparable it is a lot cheaper to stay in my home, plus i can do as i please with my property and not deal with a landlord. Renting gives absolutely no return on your investment.

  6. JTPNYC95 Says:

    Nice closer with the coins.

  7. oddfellowsbooks Says:

    Halo2012, the key to being in the militia is to prepare by yourself and never have “group contact.” I’ve just finished reading Lone Patiot by Jane Kramer. It’s a telling expose of the Militia Movement of the 1990’s and how the government was infiltrating and entraping the Washington State Militia at every turn. Joining a militia… You never know who you can trust.

  8. rytis1 Says:

    I was new to America in 1998, and I had a friend working in a Ford plant (Detroit area). He said, that anytime he wants, he can go on Sundays to work there, and they will pay him $60 an hour to moves couple boxes (3x than normal weekday $20 pay).
    At that time I had zero understandings of economics, but even I knew that this is unsustainable, and it will end in crash.

  9. jsmythib Says:

    K guys..its now today- 11/26 and no one has done anything on the Yen and other currencies going bonkers- yesterday night I actually saw the changes over time..Ive never seen them move that fast…just a blurb..

  10. VGReviewa Says:

    what you doin with that ps3 demcad? playin sum mw2? lulz

  11. BLynchCAN Says:

    Do the numbers. If one is going to spend fifty thousand over three years and have nothing for it! Might as well rent. If one owes a hundred thousand dollars or more and no equity for it, it’s called bankrupt. Better off to take the hit and go through the seven years.

  12. Halo2100 Says:

    The thing about the militias is that the gov. most likely knows who the leaders are and the members. They’re the one’s who’d the military will be sent after first. Then it will go down the line of gun owners.

  13. tonapah141 Says:

    hard to believe all tha SUCKERS willfully sending MOT(manoftruth) & Sammer g4t money …. truly a Nation of SUCKERS

  14. TheMangledMind Says:

    i’ll stay with my guns loaded … awaiting the door kickers … Military Channel has opened my eyes to how they will operate! Gonna take them out in record numbers for our faux news coverage … and I already know how the will spin this … some militant MF goes against the machine … blah blah blah blah blah … but I know the truth … and so should the MAJORITY of AMERICANS ….

  15. SeraphimTheApologist Says:

    Yikes… Makes me wish the MSM would be more honest with us… What do you recomend investing in while all this is going on? Or should we just save our money for now?

  16. BLynchCAN Says:

    Would I consider walking away?
    Hell yeah!

  17. blewEAGLE Says:

    Nice coins, speaking of coins
    I just heard about the PONTIAC SILVERDOME,
    Being sold for $583,000.00 can you comment on this one some time. Judge is going along with it.
    Hope you do a video. This is incredible if this goes through. Sorry about the football game last sat.

  18. skyding8962 Says:

    Yay Reginald has 5000 subscribers.

    Its really refreshing to see a guy like Reginald here doing videos without begging money like Grown men like George and MOT when they got plenty of cash and Reginald is just trying to survive. I hope you get that partnership soon, you deserver it!

  19. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Sorry but fuck youtube for have no edit feature. No not sorry but sorry is the asses of youtube.

  20. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Also have you asked your self why the google chrome full sized table url link directly touching the “Post Comment” button? Look closely, the post comment button is directly touching the google link. People. I beg you to question and be aware of all the wrong doing around you. Sneaking the little things pass you is how government and monopolies take away your rights which should not be infringed. Just look at the post comment button!!! Tell me that is not cohersive.

  21. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Hey youtube. Do you mind moving the google chrome link away from the post comment button? Are you that stupid and do you believe people are so stupid to not realize the entire table row is a link instead of just the google chrome text.

    Who hear has not realized the wool pulled over your head? Do you not see the incrementalisom? Why is it the entire division area a link instead of just the google chrome text. Ask youself that question. Move all the way right and its still a link. Wake up

  22. Anothercoilgun Says:

    No. I get a house to live in with full knowledge that its value WILL decrease, just as a car, as any appliance. You pay to live their not to be paid. This was all planned out to bust thats why cheap and nearly free loans were given to anyone with a hart beet.
    Have the same object be paid over and over after full usage is like have prostitutes for years for free. Disgusting not or prostitution but for not ponying up the cash.

  23. george4titIe Says:

    Reginald now that your in Michigan, maybe we can do a collab video together next time I go out to Detroit.

  24. nomoresleep870 Says:

    Hey Reg how is flint working out for you? Also I think it was a smart idea of you to start another channel dealing with social issues. Silver :cling cling:

  25. thereallurker Says:

    Are you in Michigan? Why do you always pick the worst states to get a job?

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