UFO seen over Victoria, British Columbia

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Six unidentified flying objects moving in formation over the Ministry of Finance building in Victoria on the 8th of August 2010 at 23:38 PST. Note the two central craft moving upper right to lower left of screen at 0:21 Clear skies, no noise other than street traffic.

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  1. carluspocus Says:

    @MrHonTutor im in the navy and we dont have that many helos. period.
    victoria seems to be a hotspot, many are saying that.
    why? that i dont know.
    and why do “they” always make the same triangle pattern? a way to communicate something? any mathematicians out there?

  2. simonmovies Says:

    @MrHonTutor The shot is facing East. Where is the water?

  3. MrHonTutor Says:

    They are just flares from exersises done over the water by our armed forces

  4. KillerGuitar70 Says:

    Hi ,
    Saw exactly the same thing in Pitt meadows (30 k east of vancouver)
    sept 2010 – check my vids .
    great catch !!! wonder wtf they are !!!

  5. G20covertOP Says:

    @simonmovies @simonmovies
    I tend to agree with longshot. This is a good video but the pattern of the lights is strikingly similar to that of a crane (with lights on it) spinning around. Thank you for posting though. perhaps someone got an alternate angle.

  6. Leafituptome Says:

    Go to Unknown in the woods British Columbia

  7. carluspocus Says:

    saw the same thing. contact me ,we need to talk.

  8. carluspocus Says:

    saw 2 weird things in june and july 2009  from esquimalt, near the cruise ships terminal..a red line..with lighnings and a cone shaped ultra shiny object..
    june and july 2009, one coming from the staight juan de fuca.for like 10 seconds..shinny like the searchlight of an helo..without the sound..
    other one looked like fading fireworks at first then disappeared and become a 2 fingers large stait horizontal line..+ lightning!
    pm for more details of if u saw that sht too…

    not kidding.

  9. SmashingKurty Says:

    Myself and six others watched the same type of ufos fly over Victoria back on NYE of 2001. It was unbelievable. They were very bright, orange in colour and quite low.
    One of the coolest things i have seen.

  10. Simp44 Says:

    I saw the same thing in Vic West,maybe the same night. One went right over my place(Spiral Cafe). It was silent & freaking bright from all angles.

  11. ThatHipHotGuy Says:

    It wouldnt make sense for these lights to be on the crane in the day time view, because even if the cranes tip swung as far lef as it could, it wouldnt be in position of the first lights. And also there would be many more lights if there was construction going on there at that time of night. Never heard of crane operators working in the night, and cranes that large are required to have blinking lights in case of aircraft at night time.

    The move quite a distance from starting points as well.

  12. sums1988sotv Says:

    @1981z28camaro they went behind the building if you look

  13. Karlosangeles1 Says:

    this is exactly what I saw Aug 11-12 2010,in Vancouver.Contact me via FB.or my Email @ karlosangeles@gmail.com.thank you. Karl

  14. Vengeant1 Says:

    I saw a single version of these fly by Nanaimo one night a few years back. It was traveling west to east over the water at a similar speed. Then it instantly changed direction and speed. This object went from horizontal path to vertical instantly and speed change from a few hundred mph to a few thousand mph in a blink of an eye.

  15. shexyshaydam Says:

    if you have ever seen the show “UFO hunters” all the lights at night in the sky look exactly the same.

  16. misterbig290 Says:

    too bad they never blew up that gov biulding

  17. sgtbooty Says:

    @thuglife4ever721 How do you know they haven’t already? Muahaha foolish human

  18. thetroublewithnormal Says:

    @CaPpedDoG .. Drake’s Equation is very interesting regarding the likelihood of life on other planets. Unfortunately it also comes to the conclusion that if out there, the distance is also so great that the chance of our ever getting to it is miniscule.
    This suggests that only advanced travel by other life could make it here, …
    So, ….
    Who knows for sure?
    I keep an open mind, but believe skeptical scrutiny must come first.
    Conclusions unfounded in reason and evidence is not rational.

  19. Zorgadog Says:

    @thuglife4ever721 well said thuglife4ever721! you are oeons to all this, you are welcome to your beleifs.

  20. thuglife4ever721 Says:

    @CaPpedDoG Well till I see actual evidence I dont believe in it sorry. I understand what your saying and did say that there could be other life forms.

  21. CaPpedDoG Says:

    The universe is so large it is almost mathematically impossible for there not to be other life forms out there. Google ‘Drake’s Equation” As far as aliens visiting earth, you’re right, there is no solid evidence. But some of these UFO’s that so many people experience are unexplained and it does leave the possibility of alien visitation.
    To say we are the only species in the entire cosmos is utter nonsense.

  22. thuglife4ever721 Says:

    @CaPpedDoG How am I ignorant? Have you ever seen them in person or a legit picture of em to believe in it? NO. NO one has its all a myth or someone is off drunk seeing shit. The universe could have other life forms, but I highly doubt it.

  23. CaPpedDoG Says:

    No offense dude but you’re ignorant to say that there are no such things as aliens. In fact, it is almost impossible for the universe NOT to have other life in it.

  24. Zorgadog Says:

    @NickasaurusStudio did you pilot this ufo?

  25. Zorgadog Says:

    @Janktrio yup

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