Typical Father

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Betty is falling hard for a new guy, and it upsets her father. Jim becomes convinced that Betty is exhibiting all the “recognizable symptoms” of someone who is about to elope.

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  1. ToxicOdiousOne Says:

    Sexist? So what? Men were men and women were women. Their roles didn’t mix. There was no anarchy, no confusion, and no homosexual activism. Times were better. Expectations were clear.

  2. sqdad Says:

    love the video HATE THE ADVERTS.

  3. scotcia Says:

    dont want to listen to any more adverts

  4. TheGoalSetter Says:

    People claim this is a sexist show. But the women are presented as intellectually superior. The wife clearly runs nearly every aspect of the house. The title Father Knows Best is a sarcastic title. If anything, it emasculates men.

    BTW: Look at dad’s horribly fitting initial jacket. And Bud’s monster sandwich. Hilarious.

    Jeez, Betty is poking at 8:22 . Armon’s car is cool. Jane Wyatt is smart, wise, gorgeous, and loving…perfect!

    FTW: Lead poisoning!

  5. cooldweave02 Says:

    Bud said he thinks he was getting lead poisoning.

  6. ToppyBailey Says:

    My volcabulary is limited, I just had to see if “zain” was a real word. Zain, n. A horse of a dark color, neither gray nor white, and having no spots. –Smart.

  7. airfeild Says:

    I’m a fan of Robert Young. I do enjoy watching his films and television series. Somehow i think that Robert was “overlooked” during his career. I beleive he should have been even more recognized for his talents than he actually was.

  8. kentube59 Says:

    Yes. I had to crank the volume all the way up to hear the show, then all the commercials were way too loud.

  9. m1grand70 Says:

    Let’s face it betty…..you have a typical father. classic!

  10. jasonbarton55 Says:

    is the sounds slighty off for anyone else…amazing print though

  11. ledavidwaits Says:

    more episodes please! 😀

  12. fromthesidelines Says:

    This episode originally aired on December 5, 1954, under the sponsorship of Lorillard Tobacco [Kent cigarettes].

  13. FlyingDrak Says:

    Pretty much. Although there were certainly things that needed correction in the past, they threw the baby out with the bathwater and the family has been suffering ever since. Realizations like that are what may me transition from very liberal to very conservative in the past year.

  14. CrazySnareCharles Says:

    Thanks for uploading!!! LOVED IT!!!
    put more episodes up plz 🙂

  15. jramp89 Says:

    was just wondering whether anyone has got a good quality Christmas edition of “Father Knows Best” as I need it for a play

  16. CARDMAN365 Says:


  17. winterlj Says:

    Whatever happened to front porches? I was just thinking how you never see front porches on new houses.

  18. milliemacushla Says:


  19. amylovesmusic1718 Says:

    What fun!

  20. amylovesmusic1718 Says:

    I really like this show!

  21. AndrewPatrickBerf Says:

    I totally agree..but yea might have wen’t a tad outta left field with that very last sentence… =}

  22. dorothytinman Says:

    Hahaha… they still use lead paint!!:)

  23. quiz8586 Says:

    and your point is?

  24. hyancinth70 Says:

    Classic t.v. shows put today’s t.v. shows to shame.

  25. hyancinth70 Says:

    You sound racist.

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