TV Does It, Why Don’t You in Your Internet Marketing Promotion

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We are in an age of dramatisation. Merely stating a fact is not enough, it has to be made, vivid, interesting and dramatic. There are so many home business online opportunity out there now that we need to our message stand out from the crowd if we want to attract attention to it. This does not mean mis-representing the facts; it merely means making them sound interesting. For instance when I worked as an accountant, there was no point in telling someone about the state of their affairs or suggesting improvements. They couldn’t grasp the concept just by telling them about it. I learnt instead to use tables, graphs, colours, power point presentations, all of which brought the figures to life, enabling a much better understanding than by telling alone. Just this morning my four year old wanted to wear a summer dress. Now this is Ireland, and November has come early, cold, wet and windy. But there was no telling her. So in the middle of a particularly bad shower I took her to the back door to see for herself. I haven’t heard the dress mentioned since. She went off to get something more suited to the weather. Think of Christmas window displays. Some are so good that they become attractions in themselves. Would it be the same if they just put a sign outside saying ‘Christmas gifts available inside’? I think we all know the answer to that. Remember, if you want to attract interest, don’t just write your ideas, make them colourful, paint a picture of what you want to say. Make your Internet Marketing Promotion colourful and interesting. “A picture paints a thousand words” Seeing something is far more convincing than just hearing about it. As the old saying goes “actions speak louder than words” To see more articles and videos on Internet marketing tips.

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