Tupac – Pain Intro (DJ Thug Life Remix)

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  1. ariesburrell Says:

    beautiful….very nice mix….it feels like 2pac’s presence is in the room…

  2. guanacopride007 Says:

    There are gonna be some things that are gonna make it hard to smile in the future. But with your music Pac idont think itll be possible to turn this smile into a frown. RIP Pac thanks for your positive creative songs and keeping the youth motivated

  3. jry1509 Says:

    @XthugniggaX hell yea man i was at school tha otha day and mafuckas was talkin bout lil wayne is tha shit and cant no rapper toch him, i was like i be i know someone who is and said who and kept namin rappers from today and i was like na and they was like well who is it then i was like… tupac and they didnt say shit and just walked away

  4. Bigbootyredbone1 Says:

    i kinda wish he was rappin alil in this tho this would be a great intro and closer

  5. Bigbootyredbone1 Says:

    i love this it sound so pretty

  6. XthugniggaX Says:

    i wish hip hop like this would just come back … its just so good

  7. missnaruto123 Says:

    yooooo this is the shit

  8. SikiricaShakur Says:

    what does he say in the beggining i cant decipher exactly ?? please

  9. knotfan212 Says:

    5 fags missed the like button

  10. ThaRealMasterC Says:

    its a song called living inside your love

  11. s00th3rs Says:

    i show that nigga all my love RIP

  12. KirbySaxxx Says:

    M A G N I F I C E N T!!!!

  13. fresh2713 Says:

    can some ne please tell me what is the name of this sample…..pac is always alive tru his prap n music…..R.I.P…

  14. funh3ll Says:

    god damn this song is so beautiful. Rapper’s are so lame and flashy nowadays, all jelly and no toast. This guy is so geniune, i miss that.

  15. 01slam Says:

    keep dreamin… cant believe music turns ur world in a fantasy sun…reality da nigas gone where to…ull never kno till u gone…respect to da niga pac for comin hard against all odds but yall just be fukin yo selves wit shit like dis…mature up sun… heads up sun… u cant turn paradise to wat u wish…cuz its a millions tymes better dan wat u n pac can even dream of n dats real talk…mmm i be luvin em haters tho so keep postin n ima stay laughin…cuz u just dunno

  16. rambojohnfirstblood Says:

    And we be place one day homie , where the most fly bitches twist the dopest blunts and pour out the dopest liqueur, where low riders roll away their glitter iron hoarses, where land breeze stroke our hair and the whole horizon glowes with fire, where there will be no ghetto streets and smack of happiness… we be there

  17. avo01d Says:

    Im feelin diz remix

  18. TroyP20 Says:

    Much Love 2pac wanted us all to realize that we all go thru that feeling of hopelessness, in every culture every religion we are Truly One Blood…. REST IN PEACE. Notice my Pain

  19. centralcoastsoldier Says:

    Theyll never take me alive.

  20. raphrom90 Says:

    don’t say “u can,pray for his soul” cuz then i’ll say “i’m not some tupac indigo fan that does everything tupac did…God…for me is distant. and that’s gently saying. i only feel Tupac i don’t resemble him in any way. I’m not him i’m not trying to be him i’m just me.posting a comment on a song by him. Song which touches my soul. I’ve had too much to drink….more please!

  21. raphrom90 Says:

    what kind of strenght makes a man be like him? i wanna be him but i realise…it’s harder than just saying. I’m not refering to Tupac only from what i’ve heard from his songs…i feel him,i really do. But i fail to see his…him,for what he is. damn i wish i could just…do for his soul what he did for mine

  22. raphrom90 Says:

    and it’s still under repeat…

  23. ilyavinnichuk1993 Says:

    R.I.P pac

  24. 7dissaster Says:

    itss gonna be olright

  25. raphrom90 Says:

    constantly on repeat..just because Pac is…well…beyong words

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