Trading with Indicators Webinar with DayTraderRockStar

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live overview webinar of the 5 Technical Indicators used to find the High Probability trading zones in the market. A great education Video

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  1. SuperTrollAzN Says:

    Learned a lot thanks for all your hard work making these videos..

  2. Ronniemortgage Says:

    Great video .. really puts trading into terms that the most novice of investors can understand.

  3. victorm41 Says:

    Superb video. Thank you.

  4. vdkind Says:

    thanks John! Keep up the good work! Love your videos!

  5. vdkind Says:

    thanks John! Keep up the good work! Love your videos!

  6. beebletox Says:

    where’s the edge when everybody uses the same indicators? that’s why the crowd usually gets taken out by the pros.

  7. yvan2505 Says:

    Dawit the show stopper!

  8. yvan2505 Says:

    thank dtrs, excellent as usual

  9. DayTraderRockStar Says:

    @TheNumbersGuys Thanks for the great comment

  10. webozzy21 Says:

    Nice video, thanks.

  11. cosmosgato Says:

    Sir you are to good to us!

  12. TheNumbersGuys Says:

    Great video. This really gets to the heart of what makes a great (and not too mention profitable) trader – keeping it simple! There are so many things a trader could look at from technical indicators, chart patterns, systems, etc. I am a big believer in the “more is less” approach. This video has outlined a very good approach. I am also a big fan of Dr. Alex Elder and his methods. He too keeps it simple by limiting the indicators. Great job!

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