Tips on managing cellulitis – a skin infection

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A patient asked me for helpful hints on how to get better with a skin infection, otherwise known as cellulitis. Keeping it elevated and taking your medicine is key. Go back to be seen if it looks worse.

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  1. mecca115able Says:

    get a iv it worked for me. a pic line.

  2. enforcer273 Says:

    Thanks for the info doc. This gave me hope to battle my cellulitis. I have cellulitis for the second time in my life. Will oral anti biotics take care of the cellulitis or do I need to get an IV?

  3. Zdudeisme Says:

    Medhelp. Orgy?

  4. THEpoopGUN Says:

    does cellulitus itch?

  5. samoa206 Says:

    I had cellulitus for a couple of months, but didn’t have Health insurance or money to see a physician, so i went on with my regular routine. Then my condition got where open soars started to appear on my leg, and then a sharp pain. So I went to the ER and they told me its a very serous condition. And I was lucky to come in when I did!!! Cellulitus SUCKS ugh!

  6. sarahthediva Says:

    I had cellulitus twice and I was admitted to the hospital both times for three days

  7. Bungcao Says:

    i’ve been taking cephalexin for a week now…the redness or red dots is not going away. How long does it take?

  8. ElAlmaRojo Says:

    Thank you so much for this very helpful video. I have cellulitis, but have been continuing to go to work and it has gotten worse. Thanks to your advice, I will take the next few days off. Hopefully it will get better!

  9. ashokanfarewell123 Says:

    @PunkMartyr ikr?

  10. hummingbird975 Says:

    I have had one course of IV and another course of oral antibiotics but my leg is still swollen and there is a painful hard warm mass that is still painful to touch along my shin, that has now been present for 6 weeks – how long will it take to clear up?

  11. toure121 Says:

    Could you explain more of”above the level of your heart”, I have cellulitis on my scalp so I’m sure its well over my heart if that’s what you mean.

  12. saminnyc Says:

    Thank you. This was very helpful.

  13. faithta Says:

    there’s somthing hanging on your chip btw. (giggling)

  14. PunkMartyr Says:

    In case it will help anyone: I have cellulitis on my knee. Knee looks 1/4 bigger than the other from swelling. Redness. Warm to the touch. I am on penicillin based antibiotics called cephalexin. This is the 4th day of symptoms and I went to the doc for the antibiotics. Wish I had gone on the first or second day. I am going through two large bottles of V8 or a juice with vitamin C every day. I am eating smoothies with strawberries bananas and blueberries ea day. I believe in antioxidants

  15. PunkMartyr Says:

    shave that freakin mole hair

  16. happymarkkj Says:

    i have it on my left leg. it probably got more infected because i HAVE to work and HAVE to go to school. i try not standing on my leg, but i have to go to work. its not a question of time off. i really hope it doesnt get worse, i caught it early and have been taking antibiotics every 3 hours.

  17. sleestack808 Says:

    People clearly don’t understand my comment. Its more of a political point than me preaching.

  18. sleestack808 Says:

    i guess you had to sell your soul

  19. ahevle Says:

    How much did Jesus charge for his national health care?

  20. gipsydove Says:

    i would like to know if it always developes puss or if it can just go away? i’m on antibiotics. does it get worse before it gets better? thanks for the tip nobody at the hospital or any md info sites ever said to elevate it. i have a bad back and sleep in a chair so now i guess i’ll have tto deal with not being sleep the only way that i can but i guess even though it feels like it will my back pain won’t kill me celulitis could! thank-you for this video. (^;^)

  21. shannomusix Says:

    I noticed mine last Tuesday and it was like a pimple so I popped it. Next it got bigger. This continued through Friday when I could barely walk, could barely breathe, and was throwing up everything and had fever. I spent the day in the ER on Saturday was admitted that night and was just discharged this even at 7pm. Its not completely gone but it is getting smaller with the antibiotics, and I can barely walk. It IS blinding pain and I had to use an electronic chair at Walmart. Ugh…go away! =/

  22. punly1 Says:

    If anyone tells you this isn’t a painful infection, don’t listen to them. I have this right in the navel area, and it’s not like blinding crippling pain, but trust me when I say I hope to never get this again.
    You just can’t move when the infection is in the center of your body. You just have to be creative on how to stand up and lay down, just use your arms and legs for all the work, don’t let your abdominal muscles do any of the work.

  23. hotdrumchick Says:

    I developed it last Thursday (14 Jan) in my left arm. I though it was from drinking from a public fountain, or a bug bite, so I saw a doctor. He looked at it, cuz I had welts on my upper arm, and a blister on my forearm with a raised red streak going from it. He gave me antibiotic, which after three-four days cleared it up, but now it spread to my right arm, even tho I’m still taking the medicine. Hopefully it will clear up from taking the rest of the meds.

  24. pedrowerberg Says:

    very good tips I had it on my left leg.The infection took six weeks to go away and also caused some heart ed problems

    Since I am self-employed I could not afford the luxury of staying at home all the time with my leg elevated which probably extended my agony. Again, the doctor’s advice is great, but to really get rid of this nasty infection take lots of antbiotics! and rest as much as you can

  25. ncbookz Says:

    do you drink coca cola? do you eat fruit? do you clean the tweezers before you use them?

    what is the update on your situation?

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