Tips for Exporters When Booking LCL Shipments With International Freight Forwarders

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There are some very important measures you must take before you book an LCL shipment with a freight forwarder. Such measures will help you have a smooth delivery and they will also save you some money.

Transit Time of LCL Cargo

First, do not expect an LCL shipment to arrive at final destination faster than FCL cargo. Since the shipment is Less Container Load (LCL), products will be loaded into a container and will not be shipped until the freight container gets “full.”

Moreover, there may be more than one ports before the shipment reaches the destination. Also, delays caused by other reasons are not far from happening. Prior to dealing with an international freight forwarder, you must get a clear idea on the arrival time of the goods at their final destination. As the forwarder the closing date of the container, shipping schedule, planning ship, and the ETA or expected time of arrival at destination.

After delivering the cargo to the freight forwarder, you ought to properly monitor the schedule of arrival based on the planning details provided by the forwarder. Keep in mind that a reliable freight forwarder is one who sticks with planning details.

Get Freight Quote in Writing

If there is haulage involved, you might have queries about the inland haulage charges. Since the shipment is Less than Container Load, freight forwarders quote their charges based on cubic per meter.

Destination Service Charges

Get in writing from your local freight forwarder the charges their counterpart at the final destination gets from your buyer.
It’s vital to take note of this because some freight forwarders charge consignees different amounts as “Delivery Order Charges” with regards to LCL cargo.

Role of ‘Service’ in LCL Shipment

“Service” plays a primary role in the supply chain management system. You may have built a good relationship with your local freight forwarder. But the same service is expected from all his counterparts as well as at the destination. The same service is required to be provided to your buyer at destination.

Survey Report to Reconfirm the Volume of Goods

If you do not know the exact volume of your LCL shipment, you can demand a copy of survey report which was issued by the surveyor in CFS. This report can be obtained from the carrier. The exact volume could be cross checked with the invoice of the consolidator while paying the amount to them.

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