This is a Bull Market.

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The stock market has been on tear lately. You may have not believed your eyes , but it has. Not only the market retraced most of its losses since the Great Recession begun it has even gone higher from the 2007 highs. NASDAQ has retraced more than 100% from the October 2007 highs and continues to dazzle investors. With low interest rates and nowhere to park safe cash hordes, companies and investors are funding stock funds mainly BIG CAP names and the market is going up ever since without any stops.

There are those who have missed this rally entirely, so discouraged that they never thought this market will ever come back. They were mislead by prophets of doom and despair who ruled most of the 2008, 2009 and 2010. There were those who said we’ll never make it and the US market is dead. How wrong they can be. Here is a video showing you the strength of this market as it travels in nice upward channel making higher highs. The markets are not moving much and they used to in 2007,the volatility is completely gone and they are very predictable at this point. Each day buyers keep pushing the DOW and SPX and RUT as bit higher. Not much to write home about, but enough to keep your investment growing bigger. Take a look and see your self.

Unless we break this channel and start going sideways or down the market will remain in the uptrend on improving fundamentals and economy. The earnings have been spectacular this season and it will continue fueling this for a long time to come. For more information please click below:

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