Thinkfree Presents: The Magnificent Deception 1/12

Pin It and DivergentFilms brings you the limited edition version of The Magnificent Deception, Rob Menard’s newest video on the concepts of Freedom, Law, and Commerce, and how they relate to Persons, Humans, and Freesouls-On-Land. This is the preview version of the Sequel to Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception.

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  1. prote101 Says:

    you are so cool dood! please keep it up! x

  2. DireSpring Says:

    @DireSpring Crap, didn’t intend to have all of that permanently removed, lol. It was like 3 paragraphs of stuff. Basically, I agree not everyone wants to know the truth, and they have every right to do so. I’m just saying there are people who DO want to know and they have a right to know. I am interested in your point though, I’ve read your channel description and I’m interested in hearing more about your viewpoint.

  3. thespacialone Says:

    @DireSpring People don’t want to know the truth. It’s dangerous stuff. I’m not singling out the police, it’s equally true of everyone. Having taken the red pill and learned you’re human cattle, that this world is drawn along very different lines than we, the profane, could even imagine, a slightly reduced susceptibility to the moral vagaries inherent in the consensus dis-reality is but scant compensation when set against the supra-natural forces which will be brought to bear against you.

  4. DireSpring Says:

    @thespacialone Your assuming that the vast majority of cops do not want to know they are code enforcers rather than law enforcers. I am equally assuming that most cops do not want to enforce this bullshit, but they don’t even know the DIFFERENCE between a statute and a law. If they don’t know the difference, how can you assume they don’t want to know?

  5. DireSpring Says:

    @peepnklown The problem with most cops is that they don’t know that their own bullshit is bullshit.

  6. peepnklown Says:

    I clearly made a statement that police officers should know the law and should be trained/updated as part of their job performance.

  7. thespacialone Says:

    @peepnklown You honestly think the vast majority of cops even want to know they’re code enforcers rather than law enforcers? The ones capable of grasping the true picture probably left already or progressed to the requisite station where they have more than enough to lose to do anything other than tacitly accept it. It’s need to know stuff. A good soldier kills on command. A good code enforcer does not know the law. What we think counts for nothing at all.

  8. bodunchar Says:

    please, can we have a good dose of super concentrated truth

  9. okokokherewegoagain Says:

    It’s funny how the magical number of “3” presents itself when the three cops are asked an unfamiliar/abnormal question. And only one can identify the question as truth. The truth, is only ones that can see the rest of the world, with a return projection. See and be seen. Look and be looked upon. Live and live of the spirit. Love and be loved.

  10. okokokherewegoagain Says:

    Excellent video of the “lapse” in time

  11. awkword519 Says:

    Oh really? Where’s that link? Considering everything he talks about has been tried and tested by me and my whole family, as well as many of my fellow freeman-on-the-land with very positive outcomes, I must say, you are full of shit. I have not met anyone to date who had the balls to become sovereign and then have it all backfire. Problem is, and what your job is to do, is to turn those who are gathering courage to do this, for the truly intelligent people out there, you fail. Nice try though.

  12. mrmitee Says:

    “I have a friend…” Why start with a lie?

  13. mrmitee Says:

    Are you posting about ONE guy or many? You will show what happened when ONE guy tried it and maybe he failed. I do not know who you refer to. You cannot show what it does to all people, just one. And I can show many more who found much remedy, and likely the difference is they did it right. Of course, it sounds already like you and he do not want to accept responsibility for your own lives. Blame others for your reality. Point fingers and yell scam. Anything to avoid responsibility.

  14. selenasade Says:

    My problem with this type of presentation is it is usually pounced upon by people who are already in trouble, as a way out of their trouble. The only way out of trouble is to face it head on and make the necessary adjustments to life. The presentation is well meant, I am sure. But meaning well does not take into account the people who just can’t think and want someone else to do their thinking for them. They are the losers in this game. I will look forward to the link to the video.

  15. NutjobDetector Says:

    I have a friend who got screwed over by Rob and his so called freeman scam. I’ll post a link to his video when he has it up, then you can see what Robs information really does to people.

  16. selenasade Says:

    Keep talking! I know some people who have really got their lives in a mess by thinking they can challenge the law. When people are vulnerable, they grasp at straws.

  17. HaarlemmerHewe Says:

    it s a conspiracy fact not theory

  18. nazilampshade Says:

    HA! what a small world!

  19. TheTVs Says:

    4:48 Big Brother is watching THEIR ass now!! Haha classic!!!

  20. africaRBG Says:

    its not about conspiracy theories,,this si how legal matters are up here in canada,,,and this guy just talks about claiming your rights and becoming a freeman in canada.

  21. jmatt926 Says:

    wtf is this? it’s terrible. seriously, if you wanna watch/learn about conspiracy theories, watch alex jones’s stuff. it’s way better.

  22. rockstarofredondo Says:

    Oh. Well I think I’ve already done that then. 8)

  23. BloatedSensations Says:

    @rockstarofredondo Yes… and the correct dosage of certain psychoactive chemicals.

  24. manoman0 Says:

    Well, the fault is not that of the pickpockets or street magicians. If YOU willingly attend their shows, you submit to them. They’d have no power if YOU (me, you, every individual) wouldn’t allow that to happen. Policitians can’t spend a dime without our consent..

  25. NtlgntNrg Says:

    I think politicians are like street magicians and pickpockets and people are like fools who are entertained by street magicians while pickpockets empty their pockets clean…

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