They Don’t Want You to Compare Credit Cards

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OK, lets get right to the point. Credit card companies don’t want you to compare credit card interest rates. The way your provider makes money is by you getting used to using your card for spending, and they are hoping you will over extend and have to pay interest on the outstanding amount each month. However, if you wish to compare credit cards with alternative providers, you could find yourself saving thousands of dollars in interest during the course of it’s use.

You may not know that some credit card providers have a clause in their standard contract that states they can raise the amount of interest without warning if you miss a payment or even late in making payments? You may have previously had low interest on your credit card payments, but if you have missed or been late on a payment before, you could find your rate jump to over 20% overnight.

Now if you have had this happen to you, one of the best things you can do is transfer the balance over to a new balance transfer credit card account, which could have a 0% interest rate for the life of the transferred amount. What this means is that you can be paying 0% interest instead of the 20% or even more you might have been paying up until now.

You will not want to do this if you use your credit card for general everyday spending though, because these cards have a high amount of interest attached to any additional spending. And this is how the credit card provider will make money from you. If you want a card for regular spending such as groceries, you can reap some great rewards from certain credit card accounts that provide low interest for your everyday spending along with an interest free period, and also rewards according to the amount you have spent.

You will need to at least keep up with the minimum monthly repayments with any type of credit card. If you use it regularly, it is recommended that you only spend what you already have in cash and can afford on the card, and pay this amount off fully each month. This way you still get the rewards, but you do not fall behind and begin paying interest.

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