The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management: Lasting Lessons from the Best Leadership Minds of Our Time

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Product Description
From The Wall Street Journal comes the definitive guide to management ideas and practices with lasting impact. For decades, understanding management—what works, and what doesn’t—has been the pursuit of the world’s best and brightest. Globally, there are more than 1,500 credible schools offering master’s degrees in business administration, and hundreds of magazines and newspapers and thousands of books devoted to the subject. What’s been missing is a simple … More >>

The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management: Lasting Lessons from the Best Leadership Minds of Our Time

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  1. D. Gaudet Says:

    Among the very best leadership/management books I’ve read. Combines the principles of management with the traits and characteristics of military leadership. Very thorough, easily read, covers all the important philosophies of management/leadership. I’ve bought several as gifts to friends in need of one good volume that covers all the principles of management/leadership. Highly recommend.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. HR EXEC Says:

    From the essential, authoritative source in business — The Wall Street Journal –comes the definitive, essential, management guide for everyone in business. Author Alan Murray draws from the best practices and vast knowledge base of some of the most respected thought leaders in management — and delivers a practical guide for developing timeless, effective leadership strategies. Honest and informative, engaging and enlightening, this book distills a library of business classics into one, easy to read, jargon-free volume. The Essential Guide to Management will help you to understand business and workplace dynamics better, and to develop proven, sustainable strategies for long-term career success. Managers and non-managers alike at every level will have many “aha!” moments throughout the read. We are going to adopt this book into our management training programs at our company, but it should be required reading for all employees. Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. M. McDonald Says:

    The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management is part management overview, personal commentary and case study. The book written by Alan Murray offers an introductory review of key elements of management, leadership, strategy and execution. It is a Management 101 book written in a well paced and easy to read format. Recommended for those who are new to management or you want to have your team come up to speed with management and executive ideas and terms, then this book is recommended.

    Readers looking for new ideas concerning these issues will be disappointed as that is not the purpose of this book. It really is a primer for people about the major ideas and themes in management. Murray does a good job of going through a combination of thinkers like Porter, Pfeiffer and executives like Bossidy and others to give a landscape overview of the practice.

    Murray incorporates stories that help illustrate major ideas and concepts. Students of management will recognize just about all of the stories and some are presented in a rather simplistic but effective way for a first time reader. The book also has a logical order and do cover the essentials of management in the following chapters:









    Financial Literacy

    Going Global


    Managing Yourself

    The book is challenged in a few areas. The book gives you the impression that technology has little to no role in management – except as the source of a stock market crash. Given the role of technology in shaping strategy, competition and our future, this is a serious omission. The ideas and strategies in the book are comprehensive up to about the mid 1990’s. While Murray does mention Blue Ocean Strategy and some other more recent thinking, the book largely concentrates on the classical view of strategy rather than the new strategies that are shaping current leadership plans and thinking. A final weakness is Murray’s occasional editorial asides that sometimes muddle the messages.

    I recommend as a general introduction (management 101) book to give to people who are interested in coming up to speed on management and strategy. Murray does a good job presenting these materials in an accessible, understandable and helpful way that explains ideas without trivializing them. That is what separates it from a `dummies’ book.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Russell Conser Says:

    I guess many of us called upon “Cliff’s Notes” in our youth to get the gist of a book before we read it 😉 I would charecterize Alan Murray’s “Essential Guide to Management” as the “Cliff’s Notes” summary of most of the important literature in management over the last 30+ years.

    I bought this book after reading a recent related article by Murray in the WSJ. “Essential Guide to management” reduces a whole library of books into a very quick read by distilling the most important concepts from Peters & Waterman to Michael Porter to Clayton Christensen. Topics covered include everything from Leadership, to Strategy, to Financial Literacy to Managing Yourself. Each chapter is a concise (~10 pg) summary of the essential leading thought on the topic, wrapped up with bullets and recommended reading at the end.

    Although I might have summarized a few details on a few topics slightly differently myself, overall the key points are largely bang on with what I also understood to be the original writer’s intent. In my opinion, the only thing missing was that the Financial Literacy could have used a dose of Buffet regarding understanding value-based management – something I wish more managers understood.

    So, if you don’t know what to read on management, read this first, then dig deeper in a reference. If you already know a lot, it’s a nice refresher.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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