The US Market Is NOT Where the Fast Money Is But China IS With LJ International (JADE)

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Look, before you watch this video, I’ve gotta’ warn you upfront… This is a thinly traded stock. I bought the stock today, May 27th 2009 at $1.70 This stock could double within the next 4 weeks. It could triple in the next 8 weeks. In fact, as long as the volume continues to rise, I don’t even have a target price yet. But we’ve got to keep our eye on the volume. If you’d prefer to think that I’m only giving you this stock to push up my own position, as it is thinly traded, then don’t buy this stock, honestly, that’s cool with me. Read no further and go check out another stock. However, if you stick around for just a few moments longer, I’ll let you in on a strictly “closed door” stock that could make you so much money it’ll change your life forever. When are you finally going to get tired enough of losing money in the stock market to do something about it? For more stock trading ideas like LJ International (JADE), go to

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