The Rising Sun Quest: Fire in the Sky [Music Video]

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Member of Connecticut based Hip Hop collective (AntFarm Affiliates), The Rising Sun Quest presents a new EP titled “Hydrostatic Equilibrium.” Set to be released November 19th 2009 on Little Ax, LLC.- Independent Media and available at The video for “Fire in the Sky” was shot at “Holy Land USA” which is an abandoned park that sits on a hilltop overlooking Quest’s hometown of Waterbury, CT. It was directed by Arjen Noordeman of Elasticbrand. http

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  1. bangbangskeetskeet31 Says:

    that was ill he on holy land n shit

  2. CalmplexLocust Says:

    that’s sick man!!!

  3. killu19 Says:

    I smell a musical revolution.

  4. WeAreWakingUp Says:


  5. FuzzyNugs420 Says:


  6. DJWarrenWaxx203 Says:

    OMFG!!!!!! I love t hiz video…Dope Shyt!

  7. sahlahmin Says:

    this is hot.

  8. Mlinekaos Says:

    sick as always!

  9. NAMYEL4563 Says:

    Quest Thank you for putting Waterbury CT on the map continue doing it big for the dirty h2o You stay with that fire flow PEACE!!!!!

  10. AbbottSupreme Says:

    Word up chi41 good look on the share *****5/5

  11. chinita41 Says:

    sick word up matt, peace to new haven county, time to bring ct out on da map..5*****

  12. mattafh Says:

    Thanx for the sent video, risingsunquest.
    I been hearing you for some time now. … Stay on that Truth expression. Peace to all New Haven County North I see you over there on the upperside fam Wtby overlooking.
    Stay bringin the heat !

  13. FiswaT Says:


  14. rebelsupreme Says:

    HipHop at its Immaculate form..
    Keep this movement on motion King!

    Infinite Blessings.

  15. Whtetrashwarrior Says:



    Another dope track family. You know u have our support 100!! Keep em coming….it’s needed!

  17. Gr1Ng00 Says:

    “deep shit”

    thx for the hint !

    5stars from germany

  18. KoolDa1 Says:

    Lots of knowledge and stlye!!!
    Good true shit, I’m wit it !!

  19. pittsofdaburgh Says:

    word up it’s time, time for all us, thats what this makes me fill

  20. AvEryBadApPLe Says:

    awesome stuff, bro!

  21. ParkHillProjects Says:

    he makes hot shit!

  22. eklipzer Says:

    not a better way to combine REAL with SICK…I feel this fucking lyrics and unlike the rest…This is something most of us out here can identify ourselves with.

  23. sketchtc Says:

    right by the computer doing work lol

  24. other6people Says:

    a 4 mintue reply! thats gotta be a new record

  25. sketchtc Says:

    Word up!

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