THE PROFESSIONALS – Ep. 1.06: “Fresh Meat – Part II”

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Today’s the big day! In Episode 4: “Escalation”, The Boss finally decided that it was time for The Nerd Unit to hire more people in order to keep up with their growing business. This episode shows the hilarious and not-so-professional interview process The Nerd Unit performs for an…interesting group of candidates. LINKS! http (become a Fan!)

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  1. 1031jag Says:

    @hyru913 the actual answer is FALSE! because icecream has no bones!

  2. jamesbond0096 Says:

    you called me goomba? 6:40

  3. noellennon Says:

    @hyru913 I didn’t catch any of that.

  4. noellennon Says:

    Do you pay all the hot chicks?

  5. Eveningwake Says:

    “Sadly, that’s a trick question, you can’t kill Batman. He can only choose to die.” hahaha! Batman should be the next Chuck Norris!

  6. Malifall Says:

    i have the same ear phones as tech

  7. Wilmott3 Says:

    stop trying to act really cool with those long words.
    speek normally

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