The Prince: Economic Crisis Solutions for President Obama

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  • Presidential Greatness: A president can be a great president, or a great leader of his party, but not both.
  • $10,000 from Each Family is $1 Trillion: $1.3 Trillion budget deficit is $13,000 in taxes due from our children.
  • The Reverse Robin Hood Effect: Is the average American being asked to bailout the average investment banker, to rescue rich overseas investors?
  • Claw Back Bonuses & Empower Owners: Shareholders / Owners should have control over how their investments are utilized.
  • Creative Ideas to Fix America Now: Foreclosures, Immigration, Global Warming, Healthcare, Energy, the Military, Social Security, Investing, and Taxes

Product Description
A timely tour de force on the range of current American challenges that outlines answers for us all. In the tradition of Machiavell, the economic crisis and new government programs are explained in clear terms. For each challenge, a creative solution is explored and consequences are outlined. Topics addressed include: The Economic Crisis, Government borrowing, Delayed generation to generation doubling of prosperity, Spending eases pain now, retards growth later, Spe… More >>

The Prince: Economic Crisis Solutions for President Obama

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