The Power of the Poor

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“The Power of the Poor” coming to PBS October 8, 2009. For more videos, information, or to buy the DVD please visit: To those who watch television in the developed world, there doesn’t seem to be a better system on earth than the capitalist system. We are experiencing the longest economic expansion in modern history. Soviet Communism has been defeated. But make no mistake, as we will demonstrate in this program, capitalism is surprisingly vulnerable. The moment of capitalism’s greatest triumph is the moment of its greatest crisis, its Moment of Truth. In fact, capitalism is not working for the vast majority of humanity that lives on the planet. Two thirds of the world’s population has been locked out of the global economy, forced to operate outside the rule of law, they have no legal identity, no credit, no capital, and thus no way to prosper. To unlock The Power of the Poor is to change the world. If we fail, these people will turn against capitalism as they have turned against other failed economic systems, and that could make for a very difficult, violent time. Filmed on location from Latin America to Africa, The Power of the Poor will demonstrate how free markets, individual freedom and especially the right to property can transform the poor into the most powerful resource in the world. At its heart is the potential triumph of capitalism as a system.

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  1. pulsatingremedy Says:


  2. chrispollock Says:

    @pulsatingremedy tendency?

  3. pulsatingremedy Says:

    Please tell me your tendency.

  4. helpscott2002 Says:

    @MrBlimbo You’re missing the point. The “table” is thrown out the window. The government makes it far, far too difficult for the average person to open a business and operate it legally. The requirements are ridiculous.

    So the response is to ignore the law entirely and create a new, ad-hoc system that is easier to enter into. Rather than bribe a bureaucrat to get a license and wait a year, they open shop and operate.

    This isn’t “under the table” in the classic sense.

  5. MrBlimbo Says:

    @helpscott2002 in other words they work under the table. not a new idea.

  6. MrBlimbo Says:

    this seems to be some sort of multicultural enclave idea that could establish such things as sharia law

  7. chrispollock Says:

    @pulsatingremedy laisze fare capitalism and colonialism killed those people. not regulated or fair trade capitalism. get the view that capitalism is monolithic and fundementally evil out of your head, it makes us leftists look bad.

  8. chrispollock Says:

    good to see people going their own way to survive in the market system

  9. pulsatingremedy Says:

    In capitalist India more people were killed in the same time period.
    Capitalism killed 1billion people total.

    The second thing is: who the fuck cares?

    I am not a Marxist-Leninist, I am a libertarian socialist.

  10. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy Lets assume your numbers and history is correct (which it isn’t). Even if it is, how does this even begin to compare to the 100,000,000 + killed by Marxist-Leninism in the 20th century? 100 million! Thats California+Oregon+Washington+Nevada+Idaho+Utah+Montana+Wyoming !! Dead in less than a century!!

  11. pulsatingremedy Says:

    We call the American intervention in Vietnam the ‘American Holocaust’, how many people killed would make the Vietnam war a succes?

    In Greece the people were slaughtered by the Americans after WW2.

    East Germany was bombed till nothing was left. Dresden was completely destroyed.

    1 Out of 12 people in Afghanistan are now addicted to opium.

    Japan was nuked, killing 250.000 instantly. A lot of the babies born today have mutations because of the radiation.

  12. pulsatingremedy Says:

    The capital in the USA is owned by capitalists.

    Thousands of shareholders doesn’t make something common ownership, I don’t know how you got that idea.

    The government is not the worker, a government does not include all of the people. So it is not common ownership.

    There are also socialist systems without government.

    Big government and big corporations are the same, both promote slavery.

    You are stuck with the idea that people need a boss.

  13. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy I am afraid that the data is against you. Since intervention by the USA, England, France, West Germany, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Iraq Afghanistan, Poland, Austria, Italy, Greece, and many more countries have seen higher GDP growth, higher GDP per capita, higher literacy rates, higher womens suffrage, increased international trade, lower death rates, and on. The only exceptions has been places like Iran and Viet Nam where we failed in our objectives.

  14. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy “capital in common ownership.” Who owns the capital in the USA? Who owns Microsoft? Thousands of individual shareholders. Who owns the capital in the major industries of Greece? The government. Who is in charge of the “public good” in socialist government? A select few in power. The more public major industries become, the more concentrated the command over capital. Why do some people think that big corporations will screw you but big government won’t? They are one and the same

  15. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy Ah, economics. Strangely, I am nearly done with my undergraduate in Economics at one of the top 3 Econ programs at the University level. I wont tell you which one, but this is what John List (a graduate professor at the top Phd program in the world) said: “I can honestly say that of all the universities around the world, the top undergraduate economics majors at… are consistently at the top of the pile in terms of readiness to matriculate to the University of Chicago,”

  16. pulsatingremedy Says:

    That is incorrect.
    Once the capital is in common ownership, it isn’t capital anymore.
    Socialism is when the workers control the means of production.
    Spain is capitalist, it has been capitalist since 1939.
    Greece has always been capitalist.

    Because America is making all of the other places even worse. They drop napalm on Vietnam, they nuke Japan. They make other countries a hell.

    You need to read up on economics.

  17. pulsatingremedy Says:

    “possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader”
    – Eisenhower

    No I don’t care about your uncle.
    No I don’t care about the people who died under the name of communism.

    I’d side with Lenin untill he tries to take over the soviets.

  18. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy you have no idea what you are talking about in Viet Nam. Clueless. Ask one of the boat people about Vietnamese communism. You don’t care about my uncle? Do you have sympathy for any of the 100 million who died in the 20th century under the name of communism?

    Lenin said that the Spanish civil war failed because not enough people died. Do you want to side with him?

  19. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy I am sorry, but your definitions of “factors of production” and “capital ownership” as defined by Marx has been proven wrong by history. Once workers “own the factors of production” they aren’t workers anymore.

    Socialism is where the government controls major industries in an economy (greece, spain, ect).

    If america is such a terrible place, then why are people risking their lives to immigrate here by the millions?

  20. JohnColt Says:

    @wasatchwindows Right on, man. I’ve lived in Vietnam, and even invested there. What these arm chair socialists don’t realize, is that nobody in Vietnam is complaining about Nike sweatshops; people are complaining about the government. Even today, the Communist Party do nothing but obstruct the people from climbing out of poverty, while failing to adequately perform the most basic governmental responsibilities. Roads, hospitals etc. are a disgrace.
    … well at least it’s not as bad as Cambodia.

  21. pulsatingremedy Says:

    Hitler was not a socialist. People like Ford and Krupp supported him because Hitler brought wealth to the owning class.

    Communism is classless and stateless. So those aren’t signs of communism.

    In nazi Germany, the workers did not control the means of production, so it wasn’t socialist.

    Because they competed with him? Ideologies aren’t some kind of commodity to be bought and sold in the market.

  22. pulsatingremedy Says:

    I don’t really care about your uncle. The thing is, 80% of the South Vietnamese were communists. So a dictatorship was formed and the country was massacred to kill communism.
    We call it the American Holocaust.

  23. pulsatingremedy Says:

    Capitalism IS war.

  24. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy Finally, WWII was started by the National Socialist German Workers party, the NAZIS. They nationalized major industries, banks, and the media. They restricted travel, micromanaged and propagandized education, and spent huge amounts of money on their military. These are all characteristics of socialism and communism. Hitler killed thousands of marxists, not because he disagreed with them, but because they competed with him by offering a similar system.

  25. wasatchwindows Says:

    @pulsatingremedy Please don’t talk about Viet Nam. I am Vietnamese, and the communists killed all my family who left there. My uncle was in a SOCIALIST concentration camp for 7 years where he was beaten and starved. He survived on cockroaches and frogs that were in the prison. His crime? he attended an american flight school. The great tragedy in Viet Nam was that we didn’t stay and finish the job. The communists killed over a million of their own people and set us back a generation.