The Political Side Of Restraining Orders

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After the Democratic convention, Barrack Obama was praised by David Arlinsky (see Boston Globe for article published) about how Obama had won with the tools and methods stylized by his late father, Saul Arlinsky.

A well known radical, Saul Arlinsky penned the book of Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. In Arlinsky’s world he divided up people in the following manner: the Haves, the Have Nots, and Have-a-Little- Want Mores. His goal was to educate the Have Nots on how to siphon money from the Haves by establishing organizations with power.

To understand what Arlisnky was trying to achieve – it is important to know the United States was formed as a Republic and not as a Democracy. The objective was not for mob rule. Once half of the population understands they have the ability to tax the other 50 percent, corruption will erupt.

Take for example when the US elections are held it is not the people who actually vote for the president it is the Electoral College that does. When a vote is passed in the house, it is the representatives that vote and not the people – in order to avoid “mob rule”.”The primary idea behind this is when the “mob rules” personal rights get stomped on.

However Arlisnky was different. He wanted a radical change of America’s social and economic structure and wanted the U.S. to move from a capitalistic society to one based on socialism.

Arlinsky felt it was unfair that the Haves had comfort and the Have Nots did not. He understood that he needed to conjure the Have Nots, in order for them to take action toward the productive members of society. Arlinsky new that in order to achieve his objectives it would need to be done on a local level with local organizers and governments.

These type of irritators, these rebels have rejected the morals and values that the middle class was founded on. Over the last 20 years have set out to transform and destroy the nuclear family. With the advent of VAWA (the violence against women act written by Joe Biden) in the 1990s, the agitators in government have given a green light to the states to go out and pursue men going through divorce and coach women to issue restraining orders against men.

With the exactness and peculiarity of restraining orders, men can be looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. If a person messes up the process once an order is issued he can be jailed.

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