The People’s Court- “Abandoning a Partner” Part 1 [Blundering business partner breeches contract!]

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  1. vtjakiela Says:

    gay gold digger lol

  2. loriann1237 Says:

    @Pat2296 Thats what I was thinking…

  3. popcornlover80 Says:

    the defendant is hot…plaintiff is a pedo lol

  4. Drakunia Says:

    @MChell87 57

  5. cigiss Says:

    @sblxi aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha, so good so good

  6. MChell87 Says:

    How does he expect a 22 year old to do all this….he’s like “I upheld my end of the bargain…I bought everything that went into the store” he’s 47 he should realize that a 22 year old is probably not aware of what he is getting into signing a contract nor would he be able to ‘uphold his end of the bargain’. And their friendship to begin with is really strange…..

  7. happy09099 Says:

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  8. happy09099 Says:

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  9. sactothebay Says:

    7:04 What’s going on Mr. Bubbutz

  10. sactothebay Says:

    Two males… a 22 year old and a 57 year old. That’s not weird at all.

  11. sactothebay Says:

    @sblxi GIGGITY

  12. MrKevMan Says:

    The VO is such a wannabe sinister movie promo.

  13. sblxi Says:

    “after a business deal with the defendant went south…” i’ll bet it did OH!

  14. cobracarg Says:

    @kompleks25 go to the peoples court’s website and its under the ‘show schedule’ tab….

  15. silentfades Says:

    dual manipulators

  16. montenegrolarrain Says:

    putos just plain putos

  17. kompleks25 Says:

    Would anyone know how I would find an episode of Peoples court that aired on January 5th 2011???

  18. uytiify Says:

    Travel around the world with and Naughty women

  19. 1717bobby Says:

    Im sure they are just great friends….who love to ride….motorbikes and things….

  20. siranwrap Says:

    I love how he says “Bublitz” lol

  21. kageymurar Says:

    I love it when she says that he is being sued for not holding up his end…hahahahaha

  22. kageymurar Says:

    @Pat2296 When business partners bend one another over…..

  23. OldSchoolSoldiers Says:

    i srsly thought he said “We were trumpet players together” I was gonna say thats a discreet code phrase

  24. sarinaasley Says:

    Beautiful chunky babies looking for you

  25. KingJames212121 Says:

    They rode motorcycles together, I am sure that’s all they rode

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