The L Word- Season 5 Episode 9

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This is the mafia meeting scene. All rights belong to showtime and its affiliates.

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  1. smd41271 Says:

    One of the best scenes ever. Great writing let the whole cast shine…gotta love Dawn Denbo and the mafia music…makes me laugh everytime I watch.

  2. bethils Says:

    didnt cindy leave dawn :/ after kit got the club of her

  3. lizcita Says:

    Kit ROCKS…. that shit is funny!!

  4. whitchp09 Says:

    And she’s here to kick some ass and take names…if necessary lol

  5. 99kornholio Says:

    haha Alice “did you decorate this in the 80s?” at 5:44

  6. countrygurl5486 Says:

    “My lover Cindy” always cracked me up…. This was back when the writing was actually GOOD…not that S6 bullshit we tolerated…

  7. puppylover251 Says:

    when was the L word season 6 made?

  8. hotter59 Says:

    Love it!! I want L word to return, I miss it 🙁

  9. ErinKate78 Says:

    I am a straight girl but I have to say I have developed a bit of a crush on Jennifer Beals. She is so DAMN Gorgeous!!

  10. korealover17 Says:

    i freakin looooove how bette took control of tha situation….she is freakin beastie…

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