The Health Insurance Racket

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Forward this video to your friends and watch all the videos at CIGNAs Edward Hanway spends his holidays in a $13 million beach house in New Jersey. Meanwhile, regular Americans are routinely denied coverage for the care they need when they need it most. Welcome to the American health insurance industry. Instead of helping policyholders attain the health security they need for their families, big insurance companies get rich by denying coverage to patients. Now theyre …

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  1. anotherparadox Says:

    Regardless, if you’re able to afford $400,000 worth of medical problems, then the smart thing to do would be to have health insurance so you don’t end up spending yourself into bankruptcy. So, I have a hard time believing what you write.

  2. anotherparadox Says:

    Your post doesn’t quite make sense. If you have $400,000 worth of med problems that you’re paying for why would you not want to buy insurance and if you can’t afford it, why would you not accept a subsidy so you could afford it? Prior to my health insurance being canceled because I was no longer profitable, I know they lost money on me since my medications cost more than my monthly premiums. Continued…

  3. ebonics4everyone Says:

    Republicans response to this video and this crisis is to engage in the same simplistic name calling they’ve been engaged in since Herbert Hoover’s presidency. Anyone who wants to reform the health care system or anything else is a “communist.” FDR was a “traitor to his class.”

    Amazingly the Republicans haven’t changed their arguments in 80+ years, but so many millions are profoundly ignorant of history that they continue to buy their crap.

    I hate Obama, but I think I hate the GOP worse.

  4. BostonRocker51 Says:

    @anotherparadox – I’m so sorry you had to deal with such a health crisis. Over 700,000 Americans have to declare bankruptcy each year because of medical costs. None of our indusrial peers force their citizens tinto that situation. I wish you well. Take care.

  5. anotherparadox Says:

    I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in June 2007. My insurance woulldn’t cover any of the costs of treatment since the oncologist determined I had had it for quite sometime. Insurance considered it to be a pre-existing condition that I had not reported to them. So, I am bankrupt because I paid for my own treatment out of my own pocket.

  6. hadenufnow Says:

    REPEAL the TAX & JAIL Mandate bill nobody wants..
    Send it back to “real”senators next time..

  7. hadenufnow Says:

    I am packin approx $400,000 worth of med problems which I self medicate & have under control presently..
    I have no health Ins….Even cheap Insurance would be cost prohibitive for me, so I need to OPT OUT….
    I have to fight to be able to OPT OUT but shouldn’t have to since I have no birthright to fix or participate in any program for any person for any reason against my free will..
    If, however, the gov’t FORCES me to buy Ins, YOU will GO BROKE paying for me I guarantee that..
    Kill the BIll.

  8. brentj30 Says:

    “The only two things Republicans hate are liberals and the truth!”

    – Randi Rhoads

  9. zacky89 Says:

    I was just reading, there was this man,
    who paid his premiums for over 30 years,
    to his insurance company, and worked that long,
    but suddenly was hit with a heart disease,
    and they told him, he was born with it,
    so they could not cover him.

    How bitter would you be, after paying them for 30 years, and they wont cover you, when you need them most.

  10. zacky89 Says:

    Oh yes, they will drop you,
    uhm the worst cases, are those who are longtime ill,
    The company will loose alot of money
    and they cant do that, they have to make profit.

    So they hire, someone who will investigate you, and try to see anything that is wrong with your application, soo they can drop you off.

    its really a horrible and cruel thing,

  11. MrHr1207 Says:

    yes the bushes were a problem too and anyone who voted for the patriot act should be tried for treason! that being said obammy is going above and beyond what they’ve done and at record speed! ask yourself who is really running our country?

  12. unelmitchell Says:

    bush was the biggest commi then any president. with that patroit act. taking our civil rights away from us. wire tapping, reading people’s mail and then syping on you. torture. Yep sounds like communism to me and if you really want to get into it . HOW ABOUT THE CORPORATE SOCIALISM UNDER THE REPUBLICANS. and you believe these crimals that have been lying to the american must be pretty weak minded to believe those devils, if you do you are a sheep and a chicken coming home to roost

  13. MrHr1207 Says:

    the liar is the pres and all his commi friends!!! instead of fixing the problems ,they are bringing us all into communism, this is all spelled out in a few books and they are following a book written by a convicted felon. who buy the way is a congresswomans hubby! and was at the whithouse at the kast party they threw! but go ahead you blind sheep! follow you commi party into the depths of hell!

  14. unelmitchell Says:

    i want to address this to the people who supports the Republican & conservative democrat blue dogs ! if u really think that this party is the party of christian values then u really need to know what a true christian is. list of what the GOP does that prove they are not christians. lier,don’t care for other’s,racist , cares only for the rich and not the poor.”HE WHO GIVES TO THE POOR WILL NOT WANT, BUT HE WHO HIDES HIS EYES{FROM THEIR WANT}WILL HAVE MANY A CURSE.PROVERBS28:27 THE REP ARE CURSED

  15. Jessecraft1954 Says:

    Some people don`t have a conscience. They worship money and will sink to the lowest most evil and sinful to live like kings and queens. What could be worse than misleading and stealing from sick people? They are worse than those who once sold snake oil. The United States needs to pass healthcare reform and put these criminals in the street. These people have a lot of blood on their hands. One day they will stand before God and be judged for how they treated others to fill their own pockets

  16. dieselducy Says:

    disgusting absoultely disgusting!!! This is a classic example of what happens when CAPITALISTIC REPUBLICAN PIGS and BIG BUSINESS run health care.

  17. Quickedie Says:

    Comparing those two numbers doesnt tell ANYTHING. Think about it.

  18. SexxyAmber88 Says:

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  19. jacobew2000 Says:

    The denial of claims by the “bad” insurance companies are less than 15%, while the denial rates of MEDICARE is over 22%! So its actually the government who is denying more people healthcare then the “bad” healthcare industry.

  20. ahavnes Says:

    I used the term “rednecks” in a tongue and cheek tone (even though it probably didn’t come across that way). Ultimately I was criticizing people like the Tea Party protesters who are out there opposing beneficial health reform because an extremist like Glenn Beck told them to.

  21. Licmycat Says:

    It’s mostly the evil catholic church that has made a war on poor Americans that owns most or parts of these evil companies. I believe this was one also.

  22. rrp1973 Says:

    So its only a bunch of dumb rednecks that believe in liberty over equality. Not everybody votes based on what free hand outs are in it for them. Billionaire socialists vote to have their taxes raised and middle(even lower) classes vote against government handouts. They both do so because of principal, it does not make either one of them stupid.

  23. rrp1973 Says:

    True. But insurance companies are paying for the treatment of millons of people(some very ill) every year and not dropping them. I have to wonder what is unique about the ones being dropped.

    How are these contracts written? I would assume “you can’t drop me no matter how bad things get” is a feature of these policies. Otherwise you are correct. Why not insure anyone if they can just be dropped whenever.

  24. rrp1973 Says:

    Agreed. Insurance should be personal. Employers should have nothing to do with it.

  25. baigandine Says:

    They’d also have to prevent the insurance companies from dropping people. “Why not insure someone if you can just drop them when they get sick?

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