The FED, The FTSE, It’s Deja Vu

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  1. rcoates07 Says:

    I agree that the FTSE “has no FED” …. but the expectations of FED QE are driving the dollar lower and therefore commodities higher. The FTSE is relatively overweight miners and oilies, hence it looks even more top heavy than the DOW.

    On a purely fundamental view, it will take slower growth in China to fully derail the FTSE …. again, probably only a matter of time, but its a different timescale to the FED.

  2. gofigure2007 Says:

    VIX was up today.

  3. MisterE103 Says:

    Christian, it does appear that we have arrived at an exhaustion top since the dollar hit it’s downside target today of 76.50 and should bottom / retrace higher now. I think they’ll rally the markets tomorrow, and as you say smart money will unload followed by a correction next week with BAC reporting. Word is out that bond spreads are widening ala C and Lehman. I played the predictable swing trade and went long at 117, will take profits tomorrow and go short.

  4. mesa134 Says:

    had a pretty crappy day trying to long this … great alert

  5. idonotneedanidforyou Says:


  6. zeproo Says:

    I shorted the S&P @ 1120 maybe little to early. just waiting.

  7. physics2112 Says:

    Minutes 3:33 and 4:28 are classic. Up up up up up up up, until finally…..SPLAT.

  8. drkevincampbell Says:

    Awesome video. Also, Fed admits it’s QE cannot stop deflation. M3 dropping like a rock. It’s 1929 all over again.

  9. msgtb Says:

    Great Video as always.

    Dave B.

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