The Essence Of The Banking Industry…

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The very essence of the banking system. To make us all slaves to debt. Those who control the debt, control everything. Check out my blog:

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  1. scotty Says:

    I don’t see how one could have a full understanding of this stuff without having read any John Perkins. Countries are brought into debt not simply because they are greedy or they have much of a choice. And there have been smart people facing foreclosures as well although this is small time compared to controlling countries.

  2. kmike3 Says:

    what movie is this from??

  3. Anon371 Says:

    @CalicoVall Besides, maybe you could afford a house and car without having to steal from the worker if people hadn’t borrowed to begin with and caused so much inflation!

  4. Anon371 Says:

    @CalicoVall Here’s an idea: Stop being a greedy asshole who wants the best of everything without working for it and buy something in your price range!

  5. CalicoVall Says:

    @Anon371 Yeah, unless there’s no way to buy something outright. Can you buy a $50,000 car outright? Or a $80,000 home?

  6. manhoosnick Says:

    @AdoreLucifer you need to be jewish to get into that industry now !!!!!

  7. manhoosnick Says:

    @TransformedMan lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that was fukin mean

  8. Anon371 Says:


  9. RedTulie1 Says:

    What movie is this from? Amazing statements, right out in the open.

  10. oldereb38 Says:

    Economic collapse is inevitable. The Fed profited $8.4 TRILLION last year from the auction of securities—OFF OF THE BOOKS–without any mention in the REPORT TO CONGRESS! It is embezzlement by counterfeiting! The Ponzi scheme Fed inflicts perpetual indebtedness and confiscates the wealth of the people, and posterity, while impelling the nation to national bankruptcy. search RIP OFF BY THE FED RESERVE, 3W scribd dot com message 48194264

  11. muzzmatrix Says:

    40,000 hits? Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Has 36-Million. What’s wrong with this picture??

  12. NWOisOWN Says:

    In controle from around 1763

  13. SiimKilgas Says:

    @Tenche banksters-gangsters obviously.

  14. Tenche Says:

    Who the hell would dislike this?

  15. bobbyfuckingdavro Says:

    One of the first things you’re taught in the banking industry (I mean banking with a capital B, not high street shit) is that debt is an asset.

  16. MrMaveri Says:

    This is exactly right! Debt to worthless paper money. Now we have Timmothy Geightner saying they endorse a new reserve currency that’s made of other countries currencies (but not China’s!) as making up an SDR. He doesn’t want China included because China doesn’t print like crazy and China backs Gold as being part of a reserve currency. The SDR will fail the same as the US dollar because bankers will just print us out of existence. PM’s need to be part of any reserve currency

  17. AdoreLucifer Says:

    This makes me wish i was a banker. To acquire such power with so little effort. *sigh*

  18. chelonia1663 Says:

    The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Once you understand (MPE) you will see to support anything else is economic suicide!! The solution to your fate is in the playlist of our Youtube channel but will you listen?

  19. westwaytv Says:

    ‘The International’ is an excellent film.

  20. 1kings1918 Says:


  21. givebirthathome Says:

    How old the “slaves to debt” theme is. In the famous Bible story about Joseph and the coat of many colors, Joseph helps the Egyptian pharaoh prepare for famine by storing up food. When the famine comes, first the people sell everything they have to buy food from the central stores. THEN they sell themselves into slavery.

    Too bad they always left that part out from the common modern retellings of the story.

  22. givebirthathome Says:

    @Sogwa “The International” 2009

  23. Sogwa Says:

    This is such a deep true clip from some movie I never even seen or heard of. What movie is this from?!?!

  24. frogsoda Says:

    @AnnoyedDragon I was really speaking in generalities. There are other subjects besides banking….

  25. AnnoyedDragon Says:

    @frogsoda Which of course wouldn’t make sense, given the response I gave to your original post. You accused conspiracy theorists of sourcing their views from modern material that ignores reality, when the banking conspiracy is documented over hundreds of years.

    Famous American figures like Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson have fought against the central banking system. Because they knew it would do precisely what it is doing today.

    How is understanding this ignoring reality?

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