The Descent of Finance

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Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor, discusses the history — and future — of finance with Harvard Business Review editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius.

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  1. shovland Says:

    Why does anyone think that infinite growth is possible on a finite planet?

  2. mathproof Says:

    Niall is a great intellect. I really appreciate his work. I just purchase the “Ascent of Money.” I’m looking forware to getting started with it.

  3. Moionfire Says:

    God, Niall Ferguson is a hot man…

  4. conceil8 Says:


    I warned you Christians, the kingdom of God is about to take over this world, prepare yourself, be holy, be like Christ.


  5. blarson1 Says:

    You don’t agree with modern economic thought? Great. What exactly don’t you agree with and why? Maybe you have a unique idea of your own that we can all benefit from. However, until you learn how to express yourself on a point by point basis few will listen to what you have to say. Your sweeping generalizations about academic elite do absolutely nothing to change public perception.

    Its real easy to sit behind a computer and flame. Its also real cowardly.

  6. completeliar Says:

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  7. Gr8Candid8 Says:

    I came, I saw, I left in boredom.

  8. fdlbeats Says:

    its just imaginary, metaphoric symbolism. Pass me another beer.

  9. TheTopBloke Says:

    No need to apologize, just elaborate on your point. Nouriel Roubini from NYU made a good call on it. Ferguson is a historian with a wealth of insight. Guys like Rogers and Soros and Schiff aren’t the average financial planner.There are economic theories from different schools. Most of the world these days operates on a Keynesian system.

  10. shaylo2006 Says:

    I apologize to you on a personal level. On an esoteric level I believe you would agree with me,(maybe not the bolvin heads)

  11. TheTopBloke Says:

    Mhmmm, and I’m sure you’re a genius that knows everything.

  12. directorwvp2 Says:

    becasue they wish to steal, plunder and destroy us.

    You don’t enlighten the slave to the fact he’s enslvaed … you merely enslave him without him knowing or suspecting it.

  13. shaylo2006 Says:

    Recent history shows us that the”higher education elite” within the economic circles are MORONS! They are infatuated with abstract thought as the world speeds by them,spinning their big dumb bolvin heads,the dismal science?..HA HA!…no way! Its not science.

  14. budb11 Says:

    Why hasn’t the American edcuctional system taught economics and finance to our students? For example, how the Federal Reserve system works, ie fractional banking concepts or debt as money?

  15. PointlessVideos4Life Says:

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  16. juice797 Says:

    Niall is a moron.

  17. underground24020 Says:

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  18. thetaxwizards Says:

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  19. CorisDavis913 Says:

    I stand corrected.

  20. imangrynow Says:

    No he has a Scottish accent!

  21. icandevelopment Says:

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  22. 001Dixie Says:

    An objective and articulate response from Niall Ferguson. As bad as things may seem, we truly need to count our blessings, for we are in a far more fortuitous position than that of our ancestors during the Great Depression of the 1930s. If anything we honestly do not, comparatively speaking, know what suffering means; the people of the “Great Depression” suffered!

  23. CorisDavis913 Says:

    Ah he has an English accent so he MUST be an expert.

  24. joeovip Says:

    =D ultra interesting

  25. dezibeldani Says:

    may be “thanks on it” ?

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