The Date of A Foreclosure Sale

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We’ve been getting numerous questions lately in relation to  Foreclosure sale dates.  One of the most frequent  questions is based on how far from a foreclosure  sale date will you undertake a listing.  Here are our  thoughts on this process.

There is really no problem taking a house that is  only a few days from foreclosure sale.  Foreclosure  sale dates are negotiable.  Still, if the  foreclosure sale date is less than 30 to 45 days  away, we just choose not to take that.  When we are  contacted fewer than 30 days from their sale date,  it tells us a little about the seller.  They have  possibly been avoiding the inevitable.  The state of  crisis that a lot of sellers like this are in creates  a mindset that isn’t condusive to a successful short  sale. 

We wish to empower the person that we are working  for.  So, they can sense that we are in control of  the situation.

On to foreclosures…

Within Arizona, the bank hires a third party group  (referred to as the trustee or attorney) to  actually carry out the sale date. If you are looking  to get a foreclosure sale date delayed, a lot of times  you just have to ask.  The lender, as a matter of  course, will often suspend the foreclosure sale date  at least a few times. Here’s the big catch though.   Do NOT count on what the bank worker says as far as a  foreclosure sale date is.  Always validate that date  with the trustee.  If the trustee does not have  verification of the foreclosure sale date postponed, it  will not be deferred.” title=”Arizona Short Sale Specialists Answer Questions”>Short sale FAQs and more.

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